krishnaThe subjects are traditionally gods and goddesses of the Hindu mythology, Krishna and essentially Ganesh, Laxmi, Parvathi, Sarasvathi, or other popular gods, but it is also an interesting technique that can be applied to other types of subjects.
Yet it is Krishna who has the first place as he is represented through various episodes of his childhood and his adventures as ayoung man, playing the flute to seduce girls or along with Radha, his favorite wife.

Making a Tanjore painting is complex and requires to follow scrupulously
ganeshamany stages:

A teak board is covered with a cotton fabric which is coated with a mixture of chalk powder and glue. Then the artist draws the image on this board.

He decorates the clothes, jewelry and architectural pieces with semi-precious stones. They are embedded in a mixture of chalk
powder and Arabic gum.

tanjore-painting-goldThis paste (called "muk") is also used to create relief on clothing and decor, giving greater depth to the picture.It is time to apply the gold leaf which is then hollowed out to leave the stones reappear.

Then clothes and background are painted with bright colours. The faces are painted last.


Even today, many artists create works based on these traditional techniques.
Sita offers to introduce you to this typically Tamil classical art. Beyond the aesthetic pleasure, it will give you a real peace of mind through the concentration and thoroughness that are requested all along the process.
It is also a wonderful way to release all the stress.An exhibition of Tanjore Paintings by students in Pondicherry, south India.

During a workshop of 20 hours with 2 sessions of 2 hours a week, the teacher will introduce you to all the specific steps to create a painting. The workshop starts with a minimum of 2 participants, schedule will be done according to teacher and students. Contact us to get more information!







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