The Tamil is the language from Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry state. the two state are located in the south-est  of Indian  peninsule and are border by Bengale bai.
Tamil is one of the oldest language still spoken in the world. It is also an official language in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.
Tamil diaspora is very important and the number of Tamil speakers is estimated at 74 million.

Tamil alphabet is very complicated and has more than 200 graphs.
Depending of the pronunciation, the meaning can be totally different. For example the world« poudoum » Can mean more or enough!

Knowledge of culture and traditions from a country comes also through its own language. To understand a country, the best way is to be able to communicate with people.

Tamil initiation class

Tamil speaking class in sita to learn basic language in Tamil

We offer 30 hours module provides basic notion in Tamil to progress alone after.
Emmanuel the teacher is a French fluent in Tamil. Thanks to his expertise, he thought the class with pedagogy.
To him, learning Tamil language requires knowledge of the alphabet so to learn reading and writing.
Teacher pedagogy took inspiration in educational global method.
Learning the alphabet is done through a whole word or a whole sentence recognition, and not learning by heart all the letters.
In this way, the scary number of Tamil letters does not stop the language learning.
Class will allow you to learn vocabulary and take up some grammar points.

But first of all, we offer Tamil speaking class and the aim is to learn how to speak Tamil.
The courses are participatory, and promote through various workshops oral expression.


In addition to our regular classes, we designed a new formula for visiting tourists. If you want to acquire some notions to be able to understand street conversation or ask for things in Tamil, this formula has been made for you!

This module is on demand on Wednesdays and Fridays afternoons, with a minimum of 3 people.

Tamil classes are suspended so far.
Please contact us for more information.

Art and culture in Tamil Nadu

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