The discovery of Bharata Natyam with one hour workshop


We will introduce the basics of this ancient indian classical dance in which every movement requires grace and agility and a very precise technique, which allows you to express a wide range of emotions and feelings.

A history of this dance will be reviewed, followed by an explanation of the different movements, the progress of a course to the final step: the dance show.

You will discover the dance costume, with its many jewels, the famous bell ankles, the make-up, ...

Bharata Natyam: one week training course

You will have the pleasure of practicing the basic steps, learn some mudras (hand gestures) and finally create a choreography: Poojpanjali, the offering of flowers which starts almost every dance recital. This offer is only for groups.


 The regular Bharata Natyam courses


If you are settled in Pondicherry, you can enjoy and participate in our regular courses each week.

You can either come and dance to the sounds of feet strikes and learn graceful movements of the hands during a course of Barata Natyam.

*Make sure you wear light clothes in which you can dance comfortably, and a long scarf to tie around your waist.

For dances classes schedule, please check the schedule page or contact us.

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