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Indian women spend time taking care of their hair and they like to accessorize it with pins and garlands. That’s why it is very common to see girls and women wearing flowers on a daily basis. Traditionally in India, these garlands are made of Jasmine flowers. Usually white, they can also be of different colours to vary. The garlands can be bought already made or it is possible to find loose flowers and create them on one’s own. Often with braids, Indian women put one or more garlands to the roots of the hairdo to embellish and perfume. They can be kept for several days and are worn any normal day as well as on special occasions.


The method consists in attaching several Jasmine flowers together using a string to create a garland. This technique needs practice but with time it is possible to master it and create garlands quickly.

Chennai jasmine vendorClasses in SITA

Thanks to this class, you will create your own garlands.
Moreover, you will be able to keep on practicing during your stay in Pondicherry because the loose flowers are easy to find everywhere (markets, street stalls ...)
This course lasts 1 and a half hour and is available on demand so if you wish to learn this Indian know-how don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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