The guitar, a popular instrument

guitare show at sita

The acoustic guitar could originally come from Europe, more precisely Spain but would have been developed a lot in France around the 16th century to become one of the most familiar and practiced instrument in the world nowadays.
The word “guitar” could however come from Sanskrit. The first syllable “guit” could be a shortcut of the word “sangîta”: music and the second one could come from the word “târ”: string.

The guitar and its Indian equivalents

The link between the western guitar and its Indian name is explained by the presence in India of numerous stringed instruments. Most of them were created a long time ago but are still used at the moment in religious and traditional music or in more modern and commercial ones. The Indian stringed instruments are very different from one another but some of them are close to the acoustic guitar known in Europe and America. The most famous is the sitar which is a sort of luth with a long handle. It was even used in pop music in the 60s and 70s for instance by the Beatles, first western music band to add sitar in one of their songs.

The melodiesguitar

The guitar technics offers a large variety of choices to create different styles with the melody such as using all the chords at once or just picking them one by one. Acoustic guitar allows to play rock, pop, country, reggae and more with slow or fast rhythms.
That’s why it became a staple in the majority of the music we can hear currently.

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