Modeling and wheel

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sabine poterie

An ancestral and universal art

Pottery is an art that has been practiced since prehistory and that is taught from master to student according to techniques that evolved through years, countries, tools, and cultures. Potter is a real profession, therefore the courses at Sita are essentially initiation class- although it does not prevent to already have fun with the clay while learning basic techniques. Who knows, maybe this class will reveal your potter's soul! There are two different types of class offered at Sita, depending on what you want to explore the most; either you can focus on modeling or wheeling. Each course lasts two hours.


cours de modelage

During the modeling class, Sabine teaches three techniques for composing, from a block of clay, fun figures with slight Indian influences (such as the creation of small sculptures in the form of Ganesh, for example). After attending pottery classes at one of the most prestigious schools in India, Golden Bridge Pottery, Sabine learned by herself modeling and was inspired by her personal experience to teach complex techniques in a way that beginners can already have fun and be productive since their first modeling session.
If you take one class, you will learn how to use professional tools and you will be introduced to the pinch technique; an easy and friendly technique to start and which, above all, will enable you to work on your own quickly. On the other hand, if you take several courses, the teacher will teach you other techniques, more and more precise and complex, completely adapted to your evolution, such as the coiling or slab technique...

During this modeling course, you will use eco-friendly clay that comes from a potter from Auroville. Once dry thanks to an oven, you can even color and paint your sculptures according to your taste, acrylic paint is enough. These small works are solids, you can keep them for life. The purpose of this progressive course is to make the student autonomous quickly and to make him try different techniques in order to find the one that suits him the best.

The Wheel

tour de poterie a sita

We do not become a potter in one day! If the practice seems to be easy, especially when you watch the movie Ghost, it is essential to take several courses before mastering this art! Let’s not forget that pottery is a real profession. This course is a discovery activity to experience the earth turning in your hands, but also to discover new sensations and understand the complexity of this practice. Certainly, you will never see terracotta glasses, bowls and plates as they were before!
Sabine starts to teach you the simple wheel practice and will complicate its course according to your progress. If you are really attracted to practice the wheel, it is very interesting to take around ten courses in order to learn several approaches and see a real evolution in your work. However, one course is enough if you always had been curious about the practice of the wheel, and if you are willing to understand how to make your own dishes, in a unique artisanal way. One wheel will be available by course, so if you are several people you can do modeling while waiting for your turn!

objets poterie

A true goal, to cultivate and discover yourself

The goal of this course is to be essentially a discovery class, if you subscribe only to one or two classes, but it may be more advanced if you do small internships. Above all, the purpose of this activity offered in Sita is to permits to the student to be effective and autonomous in this practice, from the beginning. It is also about discovering artistic art, universal and existing for centuries. Finally, pottery is good to improve your focus, creativity and exercises the hands, wrists, and arms, while allowing yourself to escape and relax easily. Come and try to develop the skills that are inside you! You may have a hidden talent...


Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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