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Pursuit of well-being


In order to listen to our own body as well as to discover an important part of Indian culture and spiritual philosophy, Yoga practice suits all the needs. For many,

Yoga helps to relax and calm down our stressed mind from our daily life; for some, it aims at maintaining good physical health and for others, it is a combination

of good physical and mental health.

Yoga is also and more than anything a Life philosophy which aims at achieving a unity between body, mind and spirit. Yoga means "unity”, it means the unity between individual soul and the Universal Consciousness. This practice is therefore close to Ayurveda practices which don’t separate body and mind to cure a person.

 Yoga Sivananda

teacher is correcting students during yoga classYoga Sivananda is a great synthesis of Yoga. It is a part of Hatha Yoga, which means the Yoga “of the effort” working on precise postures and breathing. Every class brings the physical benefits of the postures and exercises which stretch and relax the muscles, as well as the mind balancing with the breath exercises and relaxation.

It has 5 basic principles to adapt to your daily life in order to maintain a better physical and mental health:
• Body exercises: Asanas

• A correct and deep breathing: Pranayama
• A suitable muscles' relaxation
• A healthy diet
• Positive thinking and meditation

relaxation time during the yoga classClasses in SITA

To help you learn the basic positions of Yoga Sivananda, you will find plenty of articles in our South Indian Culture page.
You can come and practice those postures, would you be beginner or advanced, during our Yoga classes in SITA. Mixing exercises and meditation, those classes will bring you strength and relaxation.

Please get in touch with us to book for a Yoga class, and check our schedule(how to become Sita cultural center's member?)

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