An ancient martial art

kalaripayattu class starts with salutation to gods

Kalaripayatt or kalaripayattu takes roots in Kerala; this is one of the oldest martial. In the Hindu religion, it is said that the king of Gods Indra used kalaripayatt technics first by targeting its opponent vital points.

It is also a traditional therapeutic practice because knowing vital points in the body allows Kalaripayatt players to cure thanks to Ayurveda principles.

The discipline almost got lost with the arrival of English settlers who banned the practice. Masters however kept on teaching in a clandestine way. And that’s why today, Kalaripayatt is still famous mostly in India but there also are internationally famous masters who promote this martial art in America and Europe.

The technics

kalaripayttu needs a lot of concentrationKalaripayatt is a « martial yoga », coming from the knowledge of Nature and Universe around, Animals fights, Body's energetic breath...

According to a strict training, Kalaripayatt aims at the knowledge, mastery and surpassing oneself, the respect of our own body, Consciousness of our own self and the Universe, attachment to the Earth.

Kalaripayatt discipline has 4 distinct levels :
• Meythari: This level gathers physical practice and exercises like jumps, legs jerks, balances, limbering up... which are then grouped into transition sequences.
• Kolthari: This is the wood weapons practice. The more experimented the student is, the shorter the weapon gets which makes the exercises more difficult.
• Ankathari: This is the metal weapons practice. There are several kinds from knives to swords. They are dangerous but still used even during practices.
• Verumkai: At this level, the student will learn to locate the vital points. The fighting technic comes back to self-defence with hand-to-hand fights.

concentration and meditation are as well part of kalaripayattu training

Students need many years to master each level.

Classes in SITA

So, in Kalaripayatt, classes are opened for everyone, beginners to confirmed, so everyone can help each other and give advices in a friendly atmosphere.

Please get in touch with us to book for a kalaripayatt class, and check our schedule ! (how to become Sita cultural center's member?)


Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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