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KST TOURSis an independent travel agency, specializing in Kerala and South India.

KST organizes tailor-made individual tours in the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Some circuits also concern only Pondicherry and other specific cities like Bombay or Goa.Traveling with KST will allow you to understand its culture, its rites, to discover an authentic India ...

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Sustainable Tourism?

With Openeyes, tourism takes another form! Openeyes offers you an authentic cultural experience that honors the environment and respects the local community. Concerned about the local populations - Openeyes are true ambassadors of their country. According to the agency, sustainable tourism should not be a substitute to conventional tourism.

One of the ultimate impacts that responsible tourism can have is to share the revenue from tourism more evenly, involving communities that are generally ruled out. This income should reach all social classes down to the lowest. The sharing is done by the creation of sales outlets for the local populations. Openeyes is a bridge between communities and tourism. Openeyes even participates in directly helping the population in the sale of their services.

veg voyage


You are VEGAN? This agency is for you! 

Traveling in Asia (India, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Bali ...) with a minimum of social and environmental impact is possible with VEG VOYAGE. An authentic journey, vegan, closer to the populations....An original and unique experience to live alone or in a group to open your mind, travel with the least possible impact on the environment and the most respect for all life around us. Traveling while protecting the environment, nature, people, it is possible with VEG VOYAGE


SHANTI, or how to get involved while traveling!

Indeed, Shanti is a travel agency like no other.Traveling for what? for who ? This is the concern of Shanti Travel, the search for meaning! Sustainable tourism, which helps to enlighten travelers on social, environmental and economic issues ... Travel to support the local economy, understand social issues and become aware of environmental issues. Engaging in traveling all over Asia is what Shanti Travel offers you.




On the Silk road… !

Taklamakan is a desert located on the ancient silk roads in the middle of China and India. In addition, the oldest silks were searched by archaeologists, amazingly preserved for centuries.... Taklamakan ... an inspiration ...: stories of splendor dating from a time when everything was handmade and where fashion was a precious wealth. By naming the brand "Takla - Makan", we started to tell the legends of the caravans on the silk roads.

change the world music


An artist with a big heart!

You do not know Elie yet? This outstanding musician who touches all the instruments piano, guitar, harmonica, drums ...

This is one of our favorites at Sita, a man of heart wishing to share his passion for music throughout Pondicherry!

Come and take classes with him at SITA!



Art at the service of peace and solidarity! 

Created in 2018, Vasantham is an NGO of international solidarity on peace and international solidarity which through artistic events allows to finance humanitarian projects, solidarity and more generally projects of aid to the development of populations living under the thresholds of poverty in the world.



Build the foundations of a more humane and responsible society!

Since 1999, INDP - Intercultural Network for Development and Peace has been committed to supporting and supporting people living below the poverty line, especially in rural areas. By promoting an active and participative solidarity, empowering local populations and actors while being aware of the impact of its actions, in all transparency!



Culture and Arts with Devananda

The association Devananda, formerly Menkali, aims to introduce the Indian arts in Nantes, including Bharata Natyam, Hatha Yoga, Bollywood dance and Mandala. Founded by Anandi Nicolas, the association offers courses, workshops and shows, as well as educational interventions with schools.

art mistro


Art Misto is an association that aims to transmit art to different audiences. The objective is to educate, develop and promote cultural activities through the realization of cultural events, the organization of events, courses, workshops and internships on the French and European territory.

Since its creation in March 2015, it invites artists from different horizons to participate in events and it associates dancers, actors, musicians, singers, amateurs and professionals to create. The idea is to compose to several and to transmit to the unsuspecting public.

Their  first creation "The thoughts of Alix", choreographed by Aurore GIACCIO, was presented in March 2015. A driving point for the association.

Since then, courses and workshops are offered in various structures such as choreographic centers, dance schools, schools, companies in Metz and surroundings, Luxembourg.

Art Misto is committed to pushing borders and transmitting Art to other audiences and abroad.


palais de mahe


The soul of Mahe Palace reflects the face of this appealing seaside town in southern India. The style remains true to a historical past, while the proposed experience is a fascinating blend of old and new that will take you back in time. With its ravishing colonial interior, this experience will remain engraved in the heart. In addition, Mahe Palace supports local and small businesses in Pondicherry and surrounding areas that sell products such as fabrics, handmade paper, soaps, shampoos and innovative decorative elements.

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An oasis of tranquility located in the heart of Pondicherry! 

An ideal space to rest at low prices. A safe, clean, peaceful space with the modern amenities you need and a great environment to relax ... A place that will suit backpackers and people looking for authenticity.


MICASA Hostels

Sleeping nights with MICASA ...? 

Meeting spaces where interculturality is put forward. Spacious rooms made of natural materials, essential furniture (washing machine, tumble dryer, iron), high quality and up-to-date amenities, spacious terraces and play areas in common areas to promote interculturalism.Make new friends from around the world with MICASA!Luxury at a low price!


Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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