dance and welle beingDance: a passion in Pondicherry

Busi hunt is a monthly little magazine gathering all the information travellers and locals need to know about Pondicherry. They also published interviews about locals who help to develop the cultural social scene of Pondicherry.

In this interview published in the magazine BusiHunt in June 2013, Fleur spoke about her dance passion, her experiences and her future plans.

Fleur is a French woman passionate about dance since the age of 5. She started Western dance, then she opened up to Modern Jazz, contemporary dance, African dance, Thai dance and finally Bharatanatyam. She has improved her skills by attending many workshops such as those leaded by Opera of Paris Teachers.
In parallel with her dancing passion, she studied Medicine Science in France and in Spain for 5 years. Then in Thailand and in India, she learned Thai and Ayurvedic Massage therapies.
After her study, she took a sabbatical year in India during which she discovered her taste for the classical Indian dance, Bharatanatyam. She studied with a Guru and succeeded in gaining recognition in the Indian artistic stage, as her performance in Chidambaram temple for Shivaratri in 2012 illustrated it.

It was during her gap year that she felt in love with Pondicherry and in 2006, she decided to settle here. Its potential and energy give her the idea to create cultural and artistic projects. Also, she co-created Sita where she teaches ballet and proposes Thai and Ayurvedic massages and medicine initiations. With the collaboration of her friends, she imagines and organizes new projects, in particular dance events like « Essence » in March 2013.

Fleur loves discovering in all fields, always waiting to learn and expanding her knowledge, with her wish to maintain healthy balance and well-being for her and her relatives.

To read the article: right click on the picture.


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