ballet in PondicherryBallet dance in Pondicherry

This article published in ‘THE HINDU’ on November 2013 talks about a really new activity in Pondicherry : classical ballet dance.

After baguettes and French pancakes, Classical ballet dance is coming to town; in Pondicherry, people are proud to have French traditions. Yet, French dance shows were very limited present in the city, so a young professional dance got the idea to co-create a cultural centre and to offer ballet classes.
At the request of many parents who dreamt about their kids doing graceful pirouettes, Fleur Soumer decided to go into this project.

She is right now offering various ballet classes a week at Sita cultural centre, located Candappa Moudalier Street. A dozens of kids from 5 to 12 years are following regularly the classes given both in French and in English.

Western and Indian classical dance share some similarity such as discipline and precision. However, Ballet is a very ethereal dance with lots of jumps and spins whereas Barata Natyam is more rooted to the earth.

In Ballet, beginners need to work their footsteps; the challenge is to master a delicate ‘pointé’. Classes are open to all, even people with flat foot. It helps to develop flexibility and get a good body posture.

To read the article: right click on the picture

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