BEarticlenov2014 min30 years in ... Pondicherry

BE is a monthly magazine about fashion and lifestyle for women. In this article published in November 2014 the editorial office interviewed Fleur about her personal experience.

She explains the reasons of her arrival in Pondicherry and why she stayed in the town. SITA Cultural Center’s manager shares her preferences and advices about cafés, restaurants and other nice places where she experiences good moments in her adopted town!

Fleur followed medical studies in France and Spain that she ended with an internship at the governmental hospital of Pondicherry. She has a passion for dance, so she takes the opportunity to learn Oriental healing practices and Bharata Natyam. After a while, Fleur opens in 2012 Sita Cultural Center where she teaches Ballet, Bharata Natyam, gives Thaï and Ayurvedic massages and also Ayurvedic medicine trainings.

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30 years in ... Pondicherry

Teacher of ballet and barata natyam, Fleur guides us on her adopted city.

I arrived in 2006 in Pondicherry for an internship in the governmental hospital.
I stayed to learn barata natyam, a classical south Indian dance, and I never went back.
I love Pondy for its village aspect and its melting pot.
My job.
I opened Sita (22, Kandappa Moudalir Street, in 2012, it’s a cultural center that promotes Indian and French cultures. We are giving dances courses, Indian and French cooking classes, yoga, painting workshops... It’s open for all, children as adults, Indian or tourist, it’s a sharing place. And it works!

fleur03My neighborhood.
I live in the Indian suburb, which is more typical than the French one. It’s alive, the grocer from the corner knows me. I’ve all I need handy.
My favorite coffee.
Here, there are a lot of places where you can sit inside with air conditioning. Whereas in the Café des Arts (10, Suffren Street,, I can chill out, peacefully in a little garden and it’s even better if you order a chocolate crepe or a light salad.
My canteens.
I love to eat at the « mess » at the end of Thillai Maistry road. It’s a small canteen where working people have lunch, one of the only places where they offer typical Indian meals. There I find the simplicity of the typical « gargote », without manners. And when I want something more sophisticated, I go to la Villa Shanti (14, Suffren Street, It’s the best restaurant in the city, subtle and for all tastes. I love their dessert made of eggplant confit with vanilla ice cream.
My relaxing spots.
To chill, I go to Quality (3, Mahe de Labourdonnais Street, and on Facebook), a funky local bar. I feel at home there. I also enjoy some amazing massages at Rishi Ayurveda (307, Mission Street). If not, I go straight to Paradise Beach, top!
To wear. Espadrilles shoes. It’s very fashionable. I would recommend people to bring some and sale them here.

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