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Indulge the weekly add-on of News Indian Express daily paper, interviewed Fleur Soumer regarding the Dance program she is organising in March 2013 .

After a few other events in Pondicherry, Fleur Soumer wanted to organise a cultural manifestation as well.
Arrived from France 7 years ago for an internship, she became passionate about Tamil Nadu's culture and Pondicherry. However the real turning point of her stay was the discovering of a south indian traditional dance called "Bharata-natyam". She decided to stay in India to properly learn this dance.

Years later, she opened Sita Cultural Centre to promote dance but also other cultural activities like painting and cooking.
In 2013, Fleur decided to organise a 2-day event to allow dancers to gather and meet but also to let them express their creativity about the theme "woman". In group or individually, students from different dance schools in Pondicherry have been performing in front of nearly 150 guests. Different dances were represented from the classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam to African tribe dance.

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Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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