Generate a human community movement worldwide.


Unrivalled vegan magazine

What is VegPlanet? A collective of vegans, defenders of Nature, aware and concerned about the ecological impact of humans on the planet. Coming from different horizons (about 15 different countries), VegPlanet is the forum of responsive and committed in the service of Humans and Nature.

A committed and pioneering magazine

vegan plantbased magazineNo matter our country of origin, our beliefs, our educations ... We are all Humans, born on this planet and interdependent on the environment. Here is what could summarize in a few words purpose of VegPlanet magazine. The first vegan magazine in India, also distributed in the United States and Canada, VegPlanet offers a rich palette of diverse and multi associates with the same goal, to make their readers, more conscious and committed to protect the human race and the Nature.

Indeed, the main goal of VegPlanet is to gather vegan populations around the world to encourage, discuss and share on subjects systematically leading to the protection and the preservation of Nature and the Environment. Fighting for animal rights, protecting the environment through vegan activism and creating awareness from human actions are the main goals of the magazine.

« working to fight climate change and for a cruelty-free way of life »

Puzzling content

about wormsIt's by flipping through a few pages of VegPlanet magazine that you will understand and discover many things such as vegan recipes, testimonials of people who have marked humanity, such as philosopher Marry Hutton for example, articles of all kinds and all other types of reflection on health, food, the conservation of fauna and flora etc ...

Also, you will not able to ignore this particular page called "Numbers" which gives you great insight and wicked numbers that will make you to switch veganism ... How could it be otherwise? when you come to know that 15 million animals are used every year for experiments of all kinds, for example 10,000 dogs are killed and eaten every year in China during the Dog Festival, 2.7 million dogs and cats are sacrificed in the United States because its not adopted, 6 trillion male chicks are crushed each year so that we can have our fresh eggs at the supermarket, 5.553 liters water is needed to produce a single kilogram of butter, 7500 liters of water for a single beef steak, 90 to 100 million tons of fishes are fished each year etc... A serious awareness, which allows all to reflect on the consequences of our actions and behaviors.

What's the part of SITA!

about SITAIn each issue, VegPlanet offers about 21 mouth-watering recipes written by renowned local and vegan chefs! You will also discover the delicious recipes of SITA. Indeed, SITA has been a partner of VEGPLANET in the long run. Through this commitment, SITA also engages in this adventure to bring environmental conscience and proposes healthy recipes and free from all animal exploitation.

Delicious recipes are published like "Mango Pachadi" for example!

In this world where we tend to separate from each other, VegPlanet come up with the creation of bridges between countries, religions and cultures in order to bring people together without distinction of race, sex, religion, caste, class ... to celebrate and respect for our planet.

Subscribe to find out about our company and find alternative tastings that will allow you to eat without exploiting anyone's life!

Vasantha Zeganadin 

NOTE: VegPlanet is printed on eco-friendly paper with soy and vegetable based inks, and 100% of its paper consumption is reforested as part of a major forest restoration program around the world.

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