Formerly called LA REVUE DE L’INDE, LA NOUVELLE REVUE DE L’INDE is a magazine which aims at bringing consideration about the Today Indian society. Indeed, it creates an intercultural link between France and India to help westerners, especially French, to get a deeper understanding about India.

Since the first publications, la Revue proposed various articles and sections to discover the Indian culture and society. The first one called « Un autre regard sur l’Inde » or “another glimpse at India” was published in October 2005 with articles from Indian and French authors alike.

The first publications helped to understand the Indian market and to promote a liberal, democratic and deeply humanist India. According to le Monde Diplomatique, those magazines enable the readers to capture the economic and cultural evolutions if Today’s India.


indian spice


It is true that western publications about Asia and more specifically India don’t show a deep and precise glance of the today realities. It seems that French media has some gaps in understanding Indian civilisation which la Revue fills according to  the blog Un livre à lire.

The space attributed to India in French publications is quite limited and more than often we only hear about Indian in France through shock Tv reports about violence against women and other topics which don’t really reflect the true reality of India.

And so, this doesn’t make French people wish to discover more about the complexity of India. In French collective unconscious, India is a mystic, dangerous, polluted and violent country …almost beyond understanding. That is why; la Nouvelle revue de l’Inde stands on its own to understand about the diversity and complexity of India.

Thank to la Nouvelle revue de l’Inde, its articles give deep inputs about the complexity of India and help the reader to apprehend and understand the country better. Through various topics, they can learn about a social, economic, cultural, politic, artistic, spiritual, holistic India…There is a kind of demystification about India in la Revue.



What about Sita… ?

In the 12th publication about « Tamil Nadu » you will find an article written by Fleur Soumer about Tamil cuisine « Le savoir d’antan à la mode d’aujourd’hui » which stands for « former times knowledge in today’s trends”.

In the article, Fleur explains about her journey and how her life path led her to discover India, its culture and particularly its cuisine. Thus, you will understand why Sita offer its famous cooking classes and workshops. Fleur explains about how her love for India has growth and how she develops a fond for Tamil Indian cuisine particularly.

It’s been more than 10 years that Fleur lives in Pondicherry. Her complete immersion into the traditions with her in-laws helps her to plunge into this flavourful and mystic cuisine and make her understand about the basic principles behind it.  

Fleur discovered many blogs and youtube channels devoted to India cuisine from many Indian women expatriated all over the world who recreated their favourite Indian dishes. The Tamil traditional festivals such as Pongal and Ganesh Chaturthi, were also great opportunities to understand the cultural and religious aspects of food in India

Fleur detailed as well why some food and ingredients should be preferred to others. Indeed, Tamil cuisine has a therapeutic side almost ‘Ayurvedic’ for which nutrition and health are interconnected. Each food has an impact on our body. Either cold or hot for example, it would impact our digestion and metabolism and so our mind and spirit. That is why some spices and condiments are added to some dishes in order to promote a healthy body and mind. Thus, Fleur explained the revival of millet and its therapeutical added value which becomes a new trend.   

Still, India is and will always be country for rice lovers. Fleur told why rice is so important for Indians and the different way they cook it as a complete cereal or even as flour, dough and noodles, rice is available on so many recipes. That little grain is exalted through one of the most famous and favourite recipe of all time and place name it The Biryani. This is a festive dish where the rice is cooked together with plenty of spices which makes every mouthful a delight.


At the end of the article, Fleur offered some recipes to brighten up your meals. We urge you to have it a try!

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