Sita offers classes to promote culture, homemade cooking, wellness… However, the action of the center does not stop there! Indeed, the goal is, above all, to give keys to feel good all times, even when you go back at home. This is why SitaKadai, the small shop of Sita, is an extension of the courses offered, so that you can find gifts to bring back home, products in connection with our activities and our values.

SitaKadai consists of three main sections; the well-being section, in which you can find oils and other ayurvedic kits, to keep practicing massages at home. The cooking section presents various spice kits and aprons. Finally, the sport and deco area offers yoga mat covers, pretty earrings or hand-painted bicycle bells.

Moreover... keep your eyes wide-open, as you can also discover an art part, presenting exhibitions or temporary sales, which decorate this small space of photographs, or pretty notebooks and watercolor calendars...

Discover more information in the articles below, in order to have more details about our products!


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