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Sita Kadai is the little boutique area of Sita. You can mainly find three main sections related to our activities and workshops: the cooking part, the well-being one, and the deco&art.
The Well-being part of Sita Kadai offers homemade kits and oils related to Ayurveda medicine as well as yoga mats covers..

Ayurveda Kits of Sita Kadai

Discovering Ayurveda Kits of Sita

Kits are designed in a way to offer you simple traditional Indian cosmetic ingredients so for you to make your own Ayurvedic healthy and natural cosmetic. The best seller is the one for the Face. It is a concoction of various elements which have their own properties; you can find Rose water, sweet almond oil, spice powders (Manjal thool – Tumeric, Sandalwood powder), Multani matti, and Aloe vera gel to make your face skin more gleaming and fresh.
The Hair Kit is a very good one to offer to your hair a new life! The ingredients in this kit are chosen for their properties to revitalize and make your hair shine, soft and beautiful. You can find natural powders (Arappu, henna...), coconut oil, shikakai, fenugreek seeds, to rehydrate your hair, dry hibiscus flowers...
Finally, a kit for your Body is also available, with Mango butter, Sesame oil to enrich your skin, Neem oil to naturally avoid insect, Multani matti, Loofa scrub to remove dirt and dead cells and, of course, some Bath powder to relax deeply after a long day of work !

You want to take care of your body... what about your environment?

Sita Kadai offers Home Kit too, so you can even feel better at home and create your personal and serene atmosphere. You will find delightful scent such as Sandal wood, Camphor to give freshness to the air... Furthermore, you will get Neem oil to keep away insects or even natural Soap nut to wash your clothes in an ecological and fresh way.

Lost with all these ingredients? Do not worry, in every kit there is also instructions so you can use every ingredient in the proper way. You will learn about the properties of every component and the way to use them.

The Massage Oil of Sita Kadai

huiles de massage ayurvédiques

Ayurvedic lifestyle guidelines are specific to each person, depending on their dominant Doshas (body and mind constitution). Massages need to be adapted to your Doshas, if you want to find the one that suits you best according to your needs, please read the article: Different kind of Ayurvedic Massages. Moreover, according to your constitution, the oil used for your massage can be different, that is why in Sita Kadai we offer three types of Massage oils for three types of Doshas!
The base oil of Kapha Massage Oil is sunflower oil, mixed with essential oils from Tropical basil, cedar wood and orange. This oil alleviates your body and makes it feel lighter. It also cures heavy legs, swellings and cellulite.
Pitta Massage Oil is made from coconut oil and rose, lavender and peppermint essentials oils so to make you feel cool, light and fresh.
Finally, Vata Massage Oil which is based on sesame oil and clary sage, patchouli and geranium essential oils will ease joints pain and stiffness.
Come at Sita to find which one suits you the best and make your life better. If you have any request about the products, our team will be glad to advise you as precisely as possible.

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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