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Deco Kitsch Kit

indian deco kitsch kit

Sita has put together for you a small Kit Deco Kitsch, with a combination of typical objects that you will meet inevitably during a trip to India, whether you are in a family house, in typical guesthouses and restaurants, or even in some Rickshaws... Actually, we put a little Rickshaw in this kit, so that this small toy reminds you at all times this means of transport so folkloric and typical of India. A small keychain is also found in this collection, such as a statuette of Ganesh - a key figure in the Hindu religion.
Unfortunately, we cannot keep the jasmine flowers indefinitely, so this kit has a garland of artificial flowers to decorate your house, the same that the one that Indians use to honor the divine statues. Do not hesitate to read, moreover, our article about the course that Sita offers to make real garlands flowers. The terracotta pot is a pretty present that evokes by itself all these clay decorations that we can find in some small Indian shops. And, finally, what will be a Kitsch deco kit without small stickers of Hindu Gods? To stick everywhere, so the Gods can accompany you, and so that India and its incredible colors can illuminate your daily life.

Little Dancer Kit

Little dancer kit

This kit is a whole assortment of accessories for girls who want to make themselves beautiful like Barata Natyam dancer. You will find bracelets and anklets but also accessories to brighten your hair, like stickers, jewelry, and a garland of artificial jasmine flowers. Because perfection stay in the details, we have not forgotten to put Bindis, and, finally, a small box of glittery powder.

Indian Beauty Kit

indian beauty kit

Here is a kit assembling elements that the Indian women use to take care of their beauty. By buying this kit, the door of Indian beauty secrets will be open to you. Wrist and ankle bracelets are a must! Bindis are not put aside, such as little jewels that Indians slip into their hair. Obviously, a good quality Kohl (Kajal) is also present in this kit, to darken and enhance the color of your eyes. The little plus is small stickers to decorate the hands... You just need to put a beautiful Saree on to be at the top of your beauty, in an oriental version!

Mehendi Kit

mehendi kit

It is hard not to be seduced by the magnificent details of Mehendi tattoos of South India. This kit enables you to, step by step, introduce yourself to this practice, by providing you a small book of drawings and an explanation booklet, two henna cones, stickers and stencils, including a wooden one, to be the best on drawing on your skin ornaments according to your imagination and wishes. Mehendi workshops are also offered at Sita; Hema will teach you how to draw and manipulate cones, or you can simply get a Mehendi in the pattern of your choice. For more information, you must read our article on this subject; The Mehendi Workshop.

Kolam Kit

If you are intrigued by these gorgeous and ephemeral geometric designs that lay down in front of Indian houses’ doors, this kit is made for you. With a book full of pictures and an explanation booklet, you will get good basis to introduce yourself to the art of Kolam, in order to reproduce it at home and thus bring prosperity and a touch of color to your place. Of course, you will find in this kit the famous and essential white rice powder, accompanied by different colored powders, stickers and stamp to make your Kolam even more detailed. Do not forget that, at Sita, Kolam courses are offered, in order to improve in this art while spending a relaxing and creative moment.

Jimikki Earrings

colorful jimikki earings

Small accessories are also present in Sita Kadai, such as the original Jimikki earrings, made by Jimikki Workshop. These traditional jewels, originally from Kerala, need patience and practice to be made. You can learn how to make it thanks to our Jimikki Workshop, so you can create very special and unique earrings.

Cycle bells

handpaint cyclebells

Finally, the little bells of Sita’s shop are definitely adding a touch of happiness to the shelves! Whether the design is pretty or funny, you will undoubtedly find it very touching and inventive these handmade painting decorations. You might have seen these bells on the vintage bicycles of our PondyCycleTour so, if you get one, you will always have a thought for Pondicherry, while riding a cycle in the streets of your home country...

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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