Creole Cooking Class

Creole Culture in Pondicherry

legumes cuisson creole cooking class

Creole cuisine on at Sita! "Creole," you say? Indeed, for those who do not already know, Pondicherry is a city hosting a large community of Creole, which is the result of the great mix between the Indian and the French, established since many years. From this mixture emerges a unique and fascinating culture, so specific to India and enriched by various influences; French for the sweet touch at the end of meals, Indian for the use of spices, and even Asian influences, bring by the Franco-Pondicherrian, who were sent to Asian countries as expatriates, and which came back to India full of new dishes ideas.
This plurality is reflected in the daily life of the Creoles; in the practices, the style of life, but especially and above all in their kitchen.

Gastronomy with its own qualities

As a result, the Creole cuisine kept strong roots in Pondicherry nevertheless, Sita quickly realized a lack of accessibility for this gastronomy, so special and so charming; a little few restaurants are offering Creole dishes, and courses themselves are missing. In addition to the Indian cooking and Baking class, the Creole cooking class is now on at Sita. At the crossroads of originality and delights, this new course will interest, without any doubt, curious foreigners and even the local people, eager to learn new recipes. To sum up, a perfect class to fill in your cookery book, and to surprise even more your friends...

Such as the French tradition, the menu of this class will present a starter, a main course and a dessert. During three hours, you will learn three recipes. The aim is to make you able to organize a complete Creole meal... but also to make you enjoy the meal, as a reward for your efforts as a chef!

Recipes to be cooked again at home

student cooking with manisha

Courses are set up and teach by one of our two dynamic chefs, who became experts in this field, as they meet with the Creole culture of Pondicherry every day. These two women spent time to choose, to elaborate and to create a homemade recipe book, based on their experiences and observations, in order to teach the most characteristic dishes. Those recipes were chosen in such a way that everyone can easily make it again at home. About the products used, courses are adjusted according to seasons, as vegetables and fruits used during the class are local fresh food, purchased on the morning market. Please note that during the course, the menu will necessarily be non-vegetarian; Sita is one of the rare places in Pondicherry offering to learn how to cook meat. This meat is bought at the reference butcher of Sita, which specializes precisely in (halal) sheep meat, which is the key food of the Creole menu.

A moment of conviviality

vegetables of creole cooking class

Guided by a strong desire to share, but also by a certain excitement to make discover this culture, not very accessible, the teachers of Sita will be pleased to lead you step by step with the instructions, and to answer your questions, and furthermore, they will be glad to share a friendly moment around pots and spices from all over the world.

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