Vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooking

thali from Tamik Nadu, a perfect mix to enjoy vegetarian food! Rice deserves it! All those wonderfull gravies!Your trip to India will be partial if you don't get to taste the delicious specialties that each region offers.

You definitely have to take the time to wander around in the market with its many scents and colors.

Indian cuisine is varied and each state has its specialties. Here in Tamil Nadu, no one could have a meal without rice, along with various sauces, more or less spicy.

Vegetarian meals are the most common but coastal areas offer a tasty alternative with the addition of fish and seafood. Moreover, in some southern regions like Chettinad, chicken and lamb are often present in the plates.

Several types of half day courses will enable you to evolve in the world of spices, and recreate real festive meals back home.

Traditional Tamil vegetarian menu

sita cultural center offers indian cooking class in PondicherryThe most common meal you can learn is the traditional Tamil vegetarian menu. It consists in rice served with various sauces.
As an example, Manisha our teacher can introduce you to Sambar made with lentils and vegetables or rasam, a clear broth helpful to digest.
Beside you will learn to cook either kirai, green veggies like spinach easy curry or Poryial, a stir-fry vegetables dish.


Non-vegetarian Tamil menu

a tamil non veg menu after the cooking class in PondicherryYou can also choose to learn how to cook a non-vegetarian Tamil menu with a Pondicherry specialty of fish sauce called meen kozhambu. This dish is the true traditional from Pondicherry and all the Coromandal est coast.
It is based with tamarind water, curry leaves give their fresh flavour and chilli and garlic add a little welcome pungency.

Non-vegetarian Tamil menu - 2

indian cooking class at sita cultural center with byriani optionThose who are really hungry may go for the Tamil non-vegetarian festival menu where they will learn how to prepare byriani, a chicken rice dish typical of Muslim weddings. Besides, we will add an aubergines dish which can add its moisture to the byriani and an onion raita made with yogurt to soothe the chili's pungent taste.


North India Menu

indian-cooking-classFor a change, you can even want to choose some North Indian dishes such as a paneer kofta curry for vegetarian palates (cottage cheese balls in curry).
Manisha is also expert in Bengali cuisine and will make you discover its unique taste with vegetables in mustard sauce or Bengali fish cooked with mustard oil.


We also have other menus and recipes with more southern dishes of course, but also north Indian ones and for our Indian friends who are curious about western gastronomy, courses of French cuisine.

*For each module, a book of recipes will be offered.

*The Indian cooking course will begin with a market tour to familiarize yourself with the spices, typical products, exotic fruits and vegetables.

Contact us for more information on the schedule and the prices.

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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