How to know which kind of bread to eat when you're not familiar with Indian cooking ? Here are four different kinds of breads you will come across when wandering around in the streets of Pondicherry.

Shape it, cook it !

Depending on the way you work the dough and the way you cook it, the bread will be different. Let's see what are the most common ones!


chapatiChapatis are the easiest to cook! They are made of whole wheat flour bread, water and salt. The dough has to be kneaded for some time and then left to stand for the chapati to be soft.

The dough then has to be made into small balls to form round breads (around 20cm in diameter). The breads are cooked on a metal griddle with or without oil. This bread is eaten in all India.



Pooris are made the same way, but it is also possible to use white wheat flour.

The main difference is that the pooris are fried. These breads are also eaten all over India.



naan erin matthesNaan breads come from North India but are eaten in the South as well. They are made with a mix of complete wheat flour and white wheat flour.

Their shape is not round but oval and it is supposed to be cooked in an oven (tandoor).


paratha daniel royParotta is a sort of bread from South India (not to be confused with paratha that come from the North).

This bread is made with white wheat flour with oil or ghee. The dough is first beaten in thin layers and made round in the form of a spiral. The parottas are then flattened and cooked on a griddle.

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