During the Open Door Day, many of you had the opportunity to taste Manisha's panipuris !

Back to your place, you wanted to taste more of those very Indian snacks ...
But what can you put inside ?






The Puri

Puri is a small ball of thin, puffed and empty dough, chip-like crispy. You can make it yourself of buy packs of ready-made puris in any shop or supermarket.panipuris zoom

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Take your puri and break the top to stuff the inside. Ready ?

Step 1 : the basics

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First, stuff your puri with a first blend that will give a very Indian spicy taste. In order to make it, you can mix :

  • smashed potatoes
  • blended green chilli (choose the proportions...)
  • roasted cumin seeds
  • some cooked chickpeas will add a slightly crunchy taste

Step 2 : the pani

Add to this a more liquid mix, spicy but also sweet and acid, in this subtle flavours that Indians know how to cook !
This mix is composed of :

  • water
  • smashed tamarind
  • lemon juice
  • blended mint leaves
  • coriander
  • white salt
  • black salt
  • to sweeten the taste, pour some sugar
  • to spice up the taste, add some temu mangga

Step 3 : it's all yours!

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Once those two mixtures are in, you can add whatever you want, from cauliflower to banana bites !

However, here are the extras that Indians are most used to add in their pani puris :

  • sliced onions
  • sliced tomatoes
  • sliced green chilly
  • roasted cumin seeds
  • to thicken the dish: moong dhal (you can find some in the supermarket or in the market) the taste of which is quite neutral, similar to smashed lentils
  • to make it crunchy: kara boondi (small gram dhal chips which look like puffed rice and which you can eat as snacks)
  • to sweeten the taste: paneer (a kind of Indian cheese made from milk)
  • to make the spicy taste go away: some curd
  • for those who like it: some sugar !
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