What is magical about South Indian food is that you can do several of the most famous dishes... with one unique batter!
Let’s then discover how to make wonderful Dosa, Uttapam and Kuzhi Paniyaram out of the Idlis' batter recipe!


Dosa is THE breakfast of South India! These crepes made from the Idlis' batter are also eaten for lunch or dinner.
Making them is really simple. Idlis are usually made right when the batter is finished and what is left is used to make Dosa the day after. Dosa are in fact better when the batter has been fermenting a little more.

Making dosai in the twinkling of an eye!

Take a large pan and pour a spoon of ghee or oil on it, letting it get hot (you can check if it is hot enough by throwing a few drops of water on it).
Pour a full ladle of batter in the center of your pan and gently spread it in circles using the ladle. Put few drops of oil around your Dosa to prevent it from stitching to the pan. Turn it over when the first side turns light brown. It is ready!
Dosa is traditionally enjoyed with sambar and other famous chutneys. There are many other ways to eat these crepes and among them the “Masala Dosa “.

Masala Dosa

To prepare a Masala Dosa, you simply have to cook four mashed potatoes (Aloo), two chopped onions, three green chilies, a spoon mustard seeds and a spoon turmeric powder. Then just fill your Dosa with it. Simply delicious!


Another tasty use of the Idlis’ batter is the “Uttapam” which is closer to pancakes since they are thicker than Dosa. The other main difference is that you cook Uttapam while adding to the batter pieces of vegetables (tomatoes, onions, green chilies and fresh coriander). That is why it is often called the “Indian pizza”!

How to make them

Heat your pan and pour some batter on it, spreading it gently in a smaller circle to leave it thick. Add your chopped tomatoes, chilies, your half-fried onions and your fresh coriander and let them cook in the batter. Flip it once and serve it hot with chutneys or sambar!

kuzhi paniyaram1 2Kuzhi paniyaram

Last but not least! Kuzhi Paniyaram is prepared with sour Idlis' batter (after two days fermentation). These little delicacies you can learn to cook during our Indian snacks classes are savored at any time of the day.
Indian would fry mustard seeds, Urad dhal, onions and curry leaves together in a pan. Then they would just add this mixture to the Idlis batter with some fresh coriander. A special pan is needed to fry Kuzhi Paniyaram so that they can form small bowls.





Thank you Suguna Vinodh and Tarla Dalal for photo credits !

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