Samossas, small Indian snacks

Samosas are perfect snacks in Pondicherry streets.Samossas are little fried triangles made from wheat flour and stuffed. More famous stuffing are vegetables (usually potatoes and green peas) or lamb meat. For everybody's buds, we will start with the vegetarian recipes.

Ingredients for 4 persons

You can decrease the amount of chili, depending on your own taste, but think about to decrease the amount of salt as well.

For the dough:

o 100g multi purpose flour and 40g whole wheat flour

o 2 tbsp sunflower oil

o A pinch of salt

o A small amount of water

For the stuffing:

o 1 big potato cooked and cut in small pieces

o 1 handfull of cooked green peas

o ½ carrot cooked and cut in small pieces

o 1 chopped onion

o 1 green chili (if not available, increase the amount of chili powder)

o 3 tbsp sunflower oil

o ½ tsp chopped fresh ginger (or ½ tsp ginger powder)

o 2 chopped garlic pods

o ¼ tbsp coriander powder

o 1 tbsp fresh cilantro (if not available, use parsley)

o 2 tbsp lemon juice

o ½ tsp turmeric

o ½ tsp red chili powder

o ½ tsp cumin powder

o Salt

Samossas preparation

For the dough:

o Mix together salt, flours and oil and then add slowly the water while kneading until you get a soft dough. Keep aside.

For the stuffing:

o Heat the oil in a pan and add ginger, garlic, onion and green chili.

o Fry lightly and add turmeri, chili, cumin and coriander powders.

o Fry for 2mins and add the chopped vegetables.

o Fry again for some minutes and add lemon juice and fresh cilantro.

o Remove from fire and keep aside.

Samossas making:

o Divide the dough into 10 equal portions and make little balls ; roll them in 12cm circles that you cut into 2.

o Take one half that you roll in a cone shape, moisten the edges with water in order to stick them together.

o Pour 1 tbsp of the filling in the cone and close it by moistening the top, be careful there is no opening.

o Heat oil in a wok and fry the samossas until they turn golden.

o Remove them from the wok and pad them to remove the excess of oil, and enjoy!

You can dip them into chili sauce or ketchup (like an indian snack) or simply enjoy them fresh!

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