Tasty Sambhar

Sambar is a simple and tasty sauc made with dal, lentils and vegetables. It goes well with rice as well as dosais and idlis.We already gave you the recipes of some chutneys; here is another delicious gravy to go with idlis, dosais ...

or simply with rice, it would be a full healthy dinner!

This is a typical South India dish that you will find everywhere from the small dabas in the street to the big a/c vegetarian restaurants and off course in all the family kitchens here!

Indeed, sambhar (or sambar) is one of the most favoured dishes. It consists in a dhal based sauce with spices and varied vegetables. There are as many different sambar kinds as there are Indian houses! You can indeed cook sambhar with small onions, or with tomatoes, eggplants... All of them so yummy and tasty, you will never get bored!

What you need (4 people) :

• 250g Touvar dhal (yellow husked lentils)
• 1 big Indian gourd (you can replace it with zucchini and it will make an Italian-Indian sambar!)
• 3 dry red chillies
• 2 onions
• Some curry leaves
• A small ball of tamarind soaked in warm water
• 2 tbsp oil
• 1 tablespoon (tsp) of mustard seeds
• 2 to 3 tsp of sambar masala
• ½ tsp of asoefetida
• ½ tsp of turmeric
• Some cilandro (coriander)

sambar made with gourds is a healthy alternative in South Indian cuisine

Step by step :

As it is a very common Indian dish, don't expect strict proportions or rules which would make the meal lose its authenticity!

• Wash well and drain the dhal, then cook it in a pressure cooker with turmeric.
• In a pan, roast in oil the mustard seeds, curry leaves, dry chilies and asoefetida.
• When seeds start to splutter, add onions, gourd and tomatoes cut into square pieces.
• Cover with water depending on how thick you want your sambhar to be.
• Let cook until vegetables get soft.
• Add tamarind water, dhal and sambhar powder.
• Cook for 5 more minutes while mixing slowly.
• Before serving, add the chopped cilantro.
• Ready to serve! You can keep the sambhar in the fridge for one more day.

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