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Discover different millennial well-being practices


When we think about Asia, and more particularly about India, we often think about massages, yoga, natural medicines… All those practices were created thousands of years ago and still exist. Over time, holistic practices arouse curiosity and are being exported all over the world in all the continents.

Well-being practices in Pondicherry

Located in Pondicherry, in the southeast of India, SITA cultural center invites you to discover different millennial well-being practices, to relax your body and also your mind. The landscapes of South India help for the relaxation and the tranquillity of the mind with their beautiful and quiet beaches, their superb temples and their luxuriant vegetation. Enjoy being close to the nature to listen to your body's needs and discover one of these practices.

At Sita, we propose courses for all levels. If you come to discover one of our well-being classes, our teachers will be happy to explain the origins of their practice and will help you, step by step, in the discovery of this discipline. On the contrary, if you already know this discipline, our teachers will teach you some techniques to go further.

Yoga and Pilates classes

You can participate in one of our yoga classes which mix soft physical postures with breathing and meditation exercises. Pilates classes are also a great way to train deep muscles in order to improve the silhouette.

Ayurvedic massages, Thai massages, foot reflexology

Massages are another way to relax and get away from any burden for a moment. We propose different types of massages depending on the needs of your body. Our Ayurvedic massages based on medicated oils are highly beneficial to remove tensions, to find back your own balance, to solve sleep loss, stress, migraine, headache… For people who have muscle pain,

Thai massage will use acupressure to stretch the muscles and relax the joints.

Finally, foot reflexology stimulates every organ of the body in order to release toxins and improve the circulation of energy.

Massage workshops, Ayurvedic medicine initiation

For our visitors who wish to learn more about those different holistic medicines, we also give workshops in different formats in our cultural center. Come and develop your knowledge with our massage workshops, Ayurvedic medicine initiation or learn how to create your 100% natural cosmetics with our Ayurvedic cosmetics course.

For more information, visit our online timetable or contact us directly by phone.


Ayurveda Workshop

Sita cultural centre in Pondicherry (South India) : Ayurveda Cosmetic initiation

Ayurveda Cosmetic Initiation

An ayurveda workshop to learn about making your own cosmetics the traditional way from natural ingredients and extracts.

For adults .
Every Day on Demand
Duration: 3 h 30

Pilates method

Pilates-classes at Sita cultural centre in Pondicherry (South India) : learn correct Pilates movements to tone your silhouette, reconnect with your breath, and reduce stress.

Soft gym with Pilates

Learn correct Pilates movements to tone your silhouette, reconnect with your breath, and reduce stress.

Exercises adapted to all morphologies
Tuesday 3pm
Duration: 1 hour

On demand: private Pilates lessons for a group with minimum 5 people.

Massage Workshop

Ayurvedic Initiation: 3h.check ok

Massage Workshop: 6 * 4h.check ok

Thai massage workshop: 6 * 4h.check ok

Reflexology workshop: 5 * 3h.check ok

Sessions for massage workshop
Next sessions for massage workshop:
July (2nd to 12th)
July/August (23rd to 2nd)

Massage by appointment

Ayurvedic Massage: 1h.check ok

Thai Massage: 1h.check ok

Reflexology foot Massage: 40mn.check ok

Siroabhyanga - head: 20 mn.check ok

Pishta mandana - back: 40 mn.check ok

Pada mandana - foot: 40 mn.check ok

Abhyanga Massage: 1h.check ok

Sirodhara: 1h.check ok

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