Prepare your 100% natural cosmetics at SITA

Usages of Cosmetics in ancient India

There is evidence of highly advanced ideas of self-beautification and a large array of various cosmetic usages both by men and women, in ancient India. Many of these practices were subtly interwoven with the seasons (Sanskrit: Rutus) and the normal rituals of life (Sanskrit: Dinacharyā). Significantly, the use of cosmetics was directed not only towards developing an outwardly pleasant and attractive personality, but towards achieving merit (Sanskrit: Punya), Longevity with good health (Sanskrit: Aayush and Aarogyam) and happiness (Sanskrit: Anandam).

An opportunity to learn about making your own cosmetics

At SITA, we present you an opportunity to learn about making your own cosmetics the traditional way from natural ingredients and extracts. During the workshop, you will learn to prepare your own hair oil, shampoo powder, facial masks and day cream from simple ingredients available in your pantry. You shall learn about the hidden treasury of benefits from our pantry staples such as Tailams (Oils) and Ghritas (Clarified butter or ghee) for beautification. We believe that what is good to eat, is good for skin! Free of harmful chemicals, these cosmetics are prepared based on individual skin types and are there gentle on the skin. These natural ingredients and extracts will improve your health inside out and make you glow naturally.

Ayurvedic cosmetics ingredients - Aurveda Workshop in Sita cultural center, Pondicherry (South India)

Fleur, the teacher conducting the ayurvedic cosmetics workshop

The ayurvedic cosmetics workshop is conducted by Fleur, who believes in green living and healthy lifestyle that excludes chemicals as much as she can, including in her cosmetics! She believes that being aware and practising awareness is the best way to be as natural as one can be!

 About the workshops in Sita cultural center

These workshops are intended for adults and last three hours. Scheduled on appointments, they require the participation of at least two people. The workshop is in French or in English. Do not hesitate to inform us in advance if you are allergic to certain products or foods.


Ayurveda Workshop

Sita cultural centre in Pondicherry (South India) : Ayurveda Cosmetic initiation

Ayurveda Cosmetic Initiation

An ayurveda workshop to learn about making your own cosmetics the traditional way from natural ingredients and extracts.

For adults .
Every Day on Demand
Duration: 3 h 30

Massage Workshop

Ayurvedic Initiation: 3h.check ok

Massage Workshop: 6 * 4h.check ok

Thai massage workshop: 6 * 4h.check ok

Reflexology workshop: 5 * 3h.check ok

Sessions for massage workshop
Next sessions for massage workshop:
July (2nd to 12th)
July/August (23rd to 2nd)

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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