Soft gym with Pilates

Exercises adapted to all morphologies

Pilates is a form of soft gymnastic which can be practiced by everyone to provide well-being build a strong body core if you practice it regularly. These exercises can be adapted to offer either gentle strength training for rehabilitation or a strenuous workout vigorous enough to challenge skilled athletes. All Pilates exercises flow from the “five essentials” – breathing, cervical alignment, rib and scapular stabilization, pelvic mobility and use of the transverses abdominis.

Each exercise is initiated by stabilizing the core musculature, which includes the abdominal, gluteal, and paraspinal muscles in particular, and then proceeds through a controlled range of motion. Pilates is good for teenagers who wish to train their muscles, for adults who wish to maintain their silhouette and for seniors who want to be physically active..

Fleur is teaching a Pilates class - Soft gym with Pilates at Sita cultural center, Pondicherry (south India)

Train your Muscles without pain

Fleur, our Pilates instructor, is a strong proponent of healthy and active lifestyle. She has more than a decade of experience in guiding people through Pilates exercises and helping them master proper body alignment and active engagement of their core muscles.

Under her watchful eyes you will learn correct Pilates movements to tone your silhouette, reconnect with your breath, and reduce stress. Her moves look deceptively easy but are extremely effective in improving the balance and strength of the core muscles. The core-strengthening perks of Pilates ease pain and are highly recommended for those looking to relax their muscles and improve their posture.

Apart from the movements, the use of Pilates tools and equipment (balloons, elastic bands or even springs) make these exercises fun and effective at the same time. Every week, her Pilates classes gather regular participants and tourists who come to discover this discipline and do physical exercises.

Fleur teaches Pilates classes for groups or private Pilates classes at Sita, in Pondicherry (Tamil Nadu - South India)

Practical information related to Pilates classes in Sita

 Cours en groupe de  méthode Pilates, une activité bien-être organisée par le centre culturel Sita à Pondicherry

Look at our online timetable to discover Pilates lessons.

We can organise private Pilates lessons for a group with 5 people or more.

The classes are in English or French and last 1 hour.

Do not hesitate to tell to your Pilates teacher if you have any pain or health problem.


Courses are suspended for now, please contact us for more information. perks of pilate


Pilates method

Pilates-classes at Sita cultural centre in Pondicherry (South India) : learn correct Pilates movements to tone your silhouette, reconnect with your breath, and reduce stress.

Soft gym with Pilates

Learn correct Pilates movements to tone your silhouette, reconnect with your breath, and reduce stress.

Exercises adapted to all morphologies
Tuesday 3pm
Duration: 1 hour

On demand: private Pilates lessons for a group with minimum 5 people.

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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