Energetic lines and muscles pressure

The 10 days training course in traditional Thai massage includes: 

Fleur Soumer gives thai traditionnal massages perfect to ease muscular pains.Theory and practice combined to give you the basics of Thai massage: learn the body's energy lines and how to stimulate them with acupressure, learn the right stretching movements to relax the muscles and deeply relax the joints, learn to give a quality massage while taking care of yourself.

Close to Northern Tahiland technics, this workshop will give you a precise insight of Thai traditional massage so to release any tension first in order to the work deeply on energetic lines and muscle tensions. 

For the massage sessions, just take with you light and loose clothes (if necessary we can provide appropriate clothing).

mouvement de massage thaï par Fleur SoumerBasic Thai massage course lasts 24h (6 classes of 4h each, at least 10 days).
We organize the class schedule for each session depending on participants' free time and stay in the city. However, we do try to leave at least one free day between each class so the student gets time to practice and so, we can correct individually depending on everyone own needs.

Classes start for a minimum of 2 participants.
Contact us to know about the next batches or to organize a session during your stay in Pondicherry.