Did you ever tell yourself that you should begin Yoga? Whether you want to relax or to maintain a healthy life, we are still numerous to find apologies not to latch on to this art of body and mind, this life discipline.

When we consider practicing Yoga alone, one question comes up: What do I do?

Of course, here we're not pretending to give you an easy answer. Above all, it's a personal matter, a question of sensitivity and serious awareness.
Evidently, you can come and try our Yoga classes made in SITA, where we teach Sivananda Yoga... But for those who wouldn't be lucky enough to be in Pondicherry, we come up with a series of articles where you could find some movements that will allow you to learn the basis of this Indian technic.

We remind you that it' strongly recommended to practice Yoga with a specialized teacher.

In the next articles, we will explain you a series of 15 positions to start with Yoga.

But let's start right now!

Before beginning, prepare your own workspace; a peaceful place, without too much light and that will calm you.





Cobra position : BRUJANGASANA

What is it good for?

Cobra position is good for backaches; it eases stomach cramps and encourages sciatic prevention.


This position relaxes the spine, stimulates digestives organs and improves breathing thanks to the opening of the ribcage.

Warning: This position has to be avoided in case of hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure or cardiac disease. Furthermore, this position isn't recommended for pregnant women or persons who already suffer from sciatic.


Lie down face downwards and put your hands by the side of the pelvic region, your elbows close to your body. Keep the knees and feet tight and the toes pointed.Yoga-cobra-position


Now inhale, press the palms firmly on the floor and slowly straighten the arms and lift the back, without moving your arms. Keep your feet tight and don't raise your pelvis; once you are cambered, pull your head back.

Your shoulders have to be relaxed and your stomach pulled in but not tensed.
While expiring, come back to your first position.

Relax totally, do it again and here you are! Now you master the Cobra position!

See you soon for new positions!


Pilates method

Pilates-classes at Sita cultural centre in Pondicherry (South India) : learn correct Pilates movements to tone your silhouette, reconnect with your breath, and reduce stress.

Soft gym with Pilates

Learn correct Pilates movements to tone your silhouette, reconnect with your breath, and reduce stress.

Exercises adapted to all morphologies
Tuesday 3pm
Duration: 1 hour

On demand: private Pilates lessons for a group with minimum 5 people.

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