It’s a new week and heat is back in Pondicherry. But that’s not a reason not to keep on going with physical activities… Proof is: today, we give you the opportunity to try 3 new Yoga positions!

We remind you that it is strongly recommended to practice Yoga under a teacher’s supervision.


What is it good for?

When you practice the Fish position, you allow your intervertebral disks to relieve pressure in the cervical area. It also allows to get a flat back in case of kyphosis. Thanks to the general psychological health stimulation it results in, this position helps fighting against depression.


The whole dorsal region is stretched and blood stream is improved, particularly in the head. The opening of the rib cage brings a greater breathing capacity. What’s more, it improves the abdominal organs function.

Warning: Women in menstrual period and pregnant ladies should avoid this position. People suffering from migraines, lumbar or cervical weaknesses should avoid this position too.


There are different versions of the Fish position, according to the level of each Yogi.

You can choose the classic version, in which your legs remain stretched or the complete version with legs bent.

Lie down on your Yoga mat, your back flat on it. Join your legs together and keep your arms free on each side of your body.
Your hands can whether be flat on the floor or under your buttocks, so you can lean on them.
This second position is advised for beginners.Fish Position

Then breathe deeply to open your rib cage and bring your elbows the closest possible to your scapula. While inhaling, bring your chest and head upwards. Use your elbows and forearms to lean your body on and not hurt your back.

Exhale and try to have the top of your head touching your yoga mat.

Now, hold the position from 10 to 20 seconds… You master the position!


What is it good for?

The Frog position benefits to people suffering from diabetes; this position also stimulates the liver and the pancreas.


Practicing this position, you tone your thighs muscles and increase the flexibility of your legs.
The Frog position helps reducing the excessive fat in the body, particularly in the thighs, hips and abdominal area.
This position helps the digestive system to work properly.

Warning: People suffering from back pain, heart diseases and hard pains in the legs joints should avoid this position.


Frog position Sit down on your heels and put your knees apart, as much as you can.
Your feet have to be turned in a way that the toes of each foot meet each other.
Frog position

Bend forward while keeping your back straight and look straight forward.
Concerning arms’ position, you can put them either on the floor, above the top of your head, or on each side of your body, as showed in the picture.

Take deep and long breaths before following with the position, while letting go your hips.

Now slightly slide your chest forward, until it touches the floor.
Take several breaths in the position, breathing deeply. And there you are!


What is it good for?

Thanks to the stimulation of the upper back muscles, this position helps to get a good body posture and release stress and fatigue.
The Locust position also tone the spine which has a positive effect on all vertebraes and make sciatica and hernia disappear. 


The Locust position strenghtens spine, buttocks, arms and legs muscles.
It stretches shoulders, chest, belly and thighs. Moreover, the abdominal organs are stimulated too.

Warning: This position is not advised for people with headaches and strong back pains.


The Locust position is quite easy to perform.

Locust position First of all, lay down on your stomach, arms to the sides of your body and the palms of your hands flat on the floor.

Raise your head first and look straight forward.
Then raise your arms and at the same time, raise progressively your legs.

The only part of your body that must stay on the floor is your stomach. Raise your head, legs and arms as high as possible, depending on your flexibility, and keep the position around 30 seconds.

Let it go, return to the first position and do the movements 3 to 5 times… now you master the position!

See you next week to discover and perform three new positions. They will be the last ones!

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