On more time, we offer you to discover three new postures of Yoga, which also put an end to our series. But no worries, you can join our classes to learn new ones or just improve yourself!

We remind you that it is strongly recommended to practice yoga under a teacher's supervision.



What is it good for?

When practiced on a regular basis, the Rabbit position can cure colds, flues, sinus problems and persistent sore throats.
It also relieves pain and tensions in the neck, shoulders and back.


Practicing the Rabbit position allows to stretch the spine in its full length. It maintains muscles' elasticity and mobility, particularly for trapezius and scapula's muscles.
Rabbit position is also known to have benefits on thyroid gland.

Warning: This position is not recommended for people with pain in back and shoulders.


Kneel down, your feet leaning on your toes.
Rabbit position

Then sit on your heels and grab them with your hands, while taking a deep breath.
Exhale and roll yourself, beginning with the chin. Your forehead has to touch the floor.

Then bend over to pull your head the closest to your knees; your head must stay on the ground.
Keep the position for about 20 seconds and breathe deeply.

Then go back to your initial position, beginning with your lower back, head coming up at the end.

And you're done !


What is it good for?

The Monkey position helps preventing sciatic and also helps to relieve them.
If you suffer from insomnia, practicing this position on a regular basis helps your system to go back to a normal rhythm.


Hanumanasana stimulates kidneys, stretches hips' muscles and open the pelvic girdle.
Its power on balance allows you to be more focused and develop your inner strength.


Monkey positionThe Monkey position is known as "the splits". So we advise people who are not flexible to take it easy and not to push too much; a muscle can easily be strained.

Kneel on your Yoga mat.

Begin with moving your left foot forward, in front of your right knee, your thigh must be turned outward.
Your left foot is resting on its side.

Exhale and lean your torso forward; you can lean on your fingers, placed on body side. At that moment, your left knee is at the level of your torso.

Slowly, slide your right knee backwards. Your right thigh has to progressively touch the floor. When you feel you reached your maximum of flexibility, keep the position.
Now, begin to slide your left leg away from your torso. For now, your leg was turned outward; slowly turn it so your patella is looking up.

When you finally reach your flexibility limit, got your hand off the floor and put them as shown in the picture.

If you feel comfortable with the position, you can also raise your hands, pointing your fingers up.
Then hold the position from 30seconds to 1mn.

Take your first position back, leaning again on your hands and bringing your back leg forward.
Then do the same on the other side.

Position mastered!

Heron position: KROUNCHASANA

What is it good for?

Heron position has a therapeutic effect on flat foot and persistent flatulence.


This position stretches hamstrings, the back and thighs. It also stimulates the heart and abdominals organs.

Warning: This position is not advised for people with severe knees and ankles problems. It is also not recommended for women during their periods.


Heron positionSit down with your legs stretched in front of you.

Bend your right knee and slide your foot so it reached your right buttock's side. The soles of your foot should be faced up.

Then bend your left leg and grab your toes with both of your hands. Raise your leg to vertical position, as high as you can, depending on your flexibility.
During this stretching, watch your back: it has to be flat and straight. Your right knee must stay on the ground during the whole position.

Keep the position during 20 to 30 seconds, taking deep breaths.
Put your leg down to the floor and repeat the exercise on the other side.
And here you are!

After a few months (or years...) of practice, you could also master these positions!

position du scorpion

Scorpio position

position de la libellule






Dragonfly position


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