The saree is quite famous accross the world as indian women's traditional dress, but today we bring you to discover men's iconic clothe : THE Longhi (or Lungi). This skirt is so famous that even the big Shahrukh Khan dedicated one of his songs to it!

The Longhi is worn daily in South India

Comfortable outfit for everyday lifeThe Longhi is a comfortable garment wichi is worn, most of the time, at home. It can be a tube or a piece of cloth that men wrap around their waist. The Longhi can be worn long or can be folded at knee-high to work. It is made from colored or checked fabric, especially in Tamil Nadu; it is then usually worn at home. It’s preferably made from plain fabric when it’s worn during a pilgrimage. Each color matches a specific temple.

Dhotis and Veshtis are worn for more formal occasions

The veshti is worn during special occasions as it is in silk; it is typical for politicians wearing white clothesThe dhoti is a 4, 5 meters piece of cloth which has to be wrapped around the waist, passed between the legs and then knotted. It is especially worn in the north of India or for marriages, along with a Kurta, a long knee-lenght shirt for men.

The Veshti is the equivalent of the dhoti in South India. It is a big piece of white cotton or silk. as a formal attirement, it is worn for big occasions or by public figures like politicians. The Vesthi is usually worn with a shirt.

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