Indian women have different ways to dress apart from the traditional saree. Let's discover today one of the most worn by young ladies : the Churidar

A garment which comes from the north of India

The churidar is a clothes set which is composed of three pieces of tissu: a pair of pants, a dress and a shawl. This garment comes from North India and Pakistan but it is also worn in South India.

The churidar is a three piece garmant : paints, dress and shawl.The pants are loose on the waist and they tighten progressively until becoming close fitting on the calves and feet. It is also worn by men with a kurta. The women pants are often sold with a long matching colored shawl or dupatta. This shawl is usually worn on both shoulders with the two ends falling on the back. It also can be worn on just one shoulder.

Decorated churidar for special occasions are often worn at knees lenght

Decorated churidars for special occasions

The dress has either long or short sleeves and is knee or calves high. The dress has a flared shape. It is possible to find churidars in very different colors and they are often decorated with golden prints or embroideries. This colored and decorated churidars are worn for special occasions.

Another style of pants is the Salwaar, typical from Pendjab, which is call as well a pyjama as it is loose and less fitt on the legs than a churidar. A salwar is tied on the waist and on the ankles and usually worn with a Kameez, a long shirt for women. So it makes together a salwaar-kameez ensemble.

Eventually, we get a clothes set of a long pleated skirt called Lehanga with a top. It is usually for girls in south India but in North India, especially Rajasthan, beautiful hand-stitched Lehanga are part of the wedding cloths and we can still meet old Rajashtani ladies with this so big skirt assorted with a bare back top.

But however women dress themselves they will certainly not forget to add to their look beautiful jewels, braid their hair, add flower garlands to it and in special occasions draw beautiful mehendi designs on their hands. 

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