PART 1: you already know them!


Even if you have never read his books, you surely have already heard his name, which has been put forward once again last year with the release of Joseph Anton: A Memoir.
First, he is the writer of the very controversial novel The Satanic Verses. Written in 1988, the story deals with the evolution of two main characters called Gibreel Farishta and Saladin Chamcha, who escaped a plane crash just above the English Channel. The novel evolves between the story of their lives and Gibreel's dreams, in which the two characters become important people of the pre-Islamic era. This masterpiece of Indian literature is quite difficult to read because it provides the reader with both a reflection on the concept of exile and dark irony in the way to introduce different matters, and the author masters the power of words, using very harsh ones but at the same time keeping a very poetical style. VERSES
Whitbread Award
Led to the publication of a fatwa against Rushdie in 1989 by the ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini.

If you are a bit afraid of entering blindly the world of the Satanic Verses, we advise you to become familiar with the author through his first novel written in 1981 and entitled Midnight's Children. This magical and dreamlike story is about a boy called Saleem Sinai, who was borned on the Independence Day, on the 15th of August 1947 at midnight. It also emphasises historical events of India at this period of time.'S CHILDREN
James Tait Black Memorial Prize ; Booker Prize
Rushdie's first novel

You can as well choose to let your imagination free with the reading of Haroun and the sea of stories, a tale that describes how a young boy goes for a trip to find his taleteller father's lost inspiration. It was written in 1990. AND THE SEA OF STORIES
Followed by Luka and the fire of life ROY

The God of Small Things is the only science-fiction novel written by this very committed writer. From the first pages onwards, she guides the reader through the heart of Kerala's atmosphere, through its very drowsiness, to follow the evolution of two twins called Estha and Rahel, who meet again after a long break of several years. Little by little the reader discovers what dramatic event pulled them apart...
We'll let you discover this beautifully written story! GOD OF SMALL THINGS
Booker Prize
Published in 21 countries DESAI

Feasting, Fasting is the most popular and most disturbing book of the writer. It upsets, puts ill at ease, questions the reader and makes him think about what freedom in society means. It starts with the description of an Indian middle-class family, in which the fate of Uma, the eldest daughter, is being sacrificed to the benefit of her little brother. Then, the story deals with the American family in which the little brother is sent to study. At the beginning, traditions and rules restrain and limit the characters' freedom of actions. But then, the disappearance of rules together with prosperity, leave the characters without anything to hold on to and at a loss similar to the first part., FASTING
1999 GHOSH

An Indian, American-influenced writer who has become popular thanks to his Ibis Trilogy. The first two books are entitled Sea of Poppies and River of Smoke. Ten characters with different lives, different stories, sharing the same desire to escape from their fates, evolve together aboard the Ibis boat, which is full of coolies (indentured labourers) going to the Mauritius island. The originality of each character's life story only illustrates part of the wide imagination of the author.
We do not advise you to read those books if you are not familiar at all with Indian culture, for many expressions and words are used without any explication enclosed.



Vodafone Crossword Book Award (Fiction) + British Book Design and Production Award

fleuve fumeeRIVER OF SMOKE


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