Sita or South Indian traditional for the arts, is a cultural space who allow you to discover and practice news arts including indian arts. But the center has also an divin apsect.

Indeed Sita refers to Indian culture, we have the same name as a Hindu deity!

Sita An Hindu Divinity

Sita is one of Lakshmi avatars. She symbolizes nature and our own female divine side. She is also Rama's wife, mythical king of antique India whose life and heroics exploits are recounted in the Ramayana.

Ramayana is an epic poem telling Rama story, one of Lord Vishnu avatars. It was writing in the 5th century by the sage Valmiki. The book consist of 24 000 verses and is divided into 7 books.

A mythical story

Rama is forced into exil by his mother in law. He has to flee the kingdom with
Sita and his brother in law Lakshana. During 10 years, they lived in Dandaka forest, an inhospitable region.

Rama and Sita with Hanuman a monkey-godRama shown his strenght to protect Sita and fight many demons.
Their romance will quickly be challenged, Sita is kidnapped by Ravana a terrible demon king with several heads. In love with her, he will try many times to seduce and abuse her. Faithfull to Rama, she will refuse his advance.

Meanwhile, Rama and Lakshana are looking for Sita. With luck, they get help from Hanuman monkey god. He has prodigious strenght and he can fly !

He manages to locate Sita, come to her and present himself with the ring of Rama. After a big war in the entire kingdom Rama kills Ravana.

Unfortunately the end of the story is sadder. Once Sita is free, Rama refuses to see her. Because she has lived with an other man than her husband, she is considered like tainted.

God's judgment is ordered : an orderal by fire. Agni, God of fire, rescues Sita showing all her purety.

The years of exile are now finished and Rama has to get back  his kingdom.
People didn't accept the verdict of the ordeal, Rama repudiates sita.
Forced to run away and in addition pregnant, she will raise her two kids alone in the hermitage of the sage Valmiki.

Many years later, when Rama learns the existence of his sons, he calls Sita nears to him.
But Sita gives up, taking the Earth as witness, she asks it to open up. The Earth shallows her to atest her loyalty. Then Sita dispaears into the deeps of the eart.

Sita and Rama a timeless story

Sita sings the blues a cartoon telling the story about Rama and SitaNina Paleys, an American artist, tell with originality the story of Rama and Sita in a cartoon named "Sita sings the blues".

The artist was inspired by the style of traditional Indian movies to tell the story of Rama and Sita.
The story is doubled with more actual designs tellling the same story. In this part, Sita sings the story. the director inspired by jazz 20s with Annette Hanshaw in soundtrack.

Then a third story establishs a link between the life of the artist and Sita. The design is actual, nears from BD style.

The three story link together using three friendly narrators. Sometimes they argue with humor details of story.

Her point of view is interesting and audacious because she establishes a link between her life but also with life of all the women with tragic destiny of Sita.

If you are not an expert of Indian mythology, we advise you to watch this cartoons. It's a very lovely way to get acquainted with the Indian gods.

Behind the divine, The Human aspect

Far from the fatal and tragic destiny of our namesake, Sita cultural center is determined to be a cultural reference of the Indian arts.
We are an Indian association that is consists of many women. They actively work for the association and allow the realizations of the activities and the management of the center.
There is also at Sita men passionate about Indian culture and arts!

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