When we are in India, often we miss to speak local language to negotiate like a real Indian !

In Pondichery and in Tamil Nadu, the spoken language is Tamil, here's a little story with a translation in Tamil to acquire the basic knowledge and to make people jealous!

The intern and the receptionist are talking Alice, the new intern at Sita goes in India for the first time. For her first days of internship she meets Lakshmi, the receptionist in the cultural center.
Alice speaks French and Lakshmi speaks Tamil. Of course they can share few words in English.
But why not speak in Tamil? Here is what Alice would have said.

Alice : Hello, Vanakkam ! 

Lakshmi : Hello, What's your name ? Vanakkam, wongue perre enna ?

Alice : My name is Alice and you ? Yien perre Alice, ningue, wongue perre enna ?

Lakshmi : Lakshmi, how long willyoustay in India ? Lakshmi. Indiale, Ettana maasamkke ningue tangaré ?

Alice : I am in Pondicherry for five months. Naan, Indiale, andji maasam tangarain

Next day, Lakshmi and Alice go to the market to buy ingredients for the Indian cooking class.
As shopping bags are heavy, the two new friends decided to take a Rickshaw.
The new intern is lost in the middle of Indian agitation. She lets Lakshmi speak in Tamil to stop one.

Lakshmi : We go to the market, can we get in ? Kadaile povom, Okkarelama ?

Rickshaw : Yes sit down please ! Amma, okkaringue !

(At the end of the race)

Lakshmi : We give you 40 roupies. Naambe wongueleke naapade roba kodokkirom 

Rickshaw : No what ? 50 roupies, petrol costing 60 rupees per liter. Enna ? Ambade ruba, petrol litter aarubad roubakku vikkidou 

Lakshmi : No. It's too expensive! Vana, rombe joshti irokke !

Rickshaw : 45 roupies, Madam. Naapadiandji roba Maam

Lakshmi : All right. Sari

Pondicherry market Once at the market, Alice and Lakshmi have to buy spices, paneer, tomatoes, onions and rice for prepare a true Indian lunch.
So, they go to the vegetables shop,

Lakshmi: Hello Madam, Vanakkam Ma

The greengrocer: Hello, what do you want? Enna venom ?

Lakshmi : I would like a kilo of tomatoes and five onions please. Or kilo takkaliyom andji venkayamom venom.

The green grocer: All right, do you need anything else ? Sari, vere enna venom ?

Lakshmi : How much does it cost?  Evla irrokke ?

The green grocer : 70 roupies. Ezhubade ruba

Lakshmi : Thank and good bye. Nandri, naan poytevarain

Once back at Sita, Laksmi and Alice prepare tea and they have some rest. They take the opportunity to know each other better.

Lakshmi : How are you doing? You look tired. Yebbedi irokkingue ? Tukke varedde

Alice : I'm fine but I am hot. Naala irokke, aana sode irokke

Lakshmi : So do you like Pondichéry ? Wongulekke Puducherry pidikkida ?

Alice : I like it, it's a beautiful city. Rombe pidikoum, rombe azhaga ore irokke

After a long day, it's time to go to bed. The new intern thought for a bit and said to herself, she needs to participate to a Tamil language class!

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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