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calendar 2017

There are two ways to get this kind of a typical calendar. During the last two weeks of December and the first two weeks of January, stores distribute calendars, with their prominent logo and shop name which take place all around an image of a god or a goddess, such as Lakshmi, Ganesh...
The second way to get it is... from politicians! Indeed, each politician in charge of a neighborhood will offer to its inhabitants a calendar, with their photograph, those of the people and the logo representing the party, on the four corners, framing an image of a god. Their contact is also on the bottom left (address, telephone number) so they can be reached anytime. Because 2016 is unfortunately the year of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa, that is why her picture takes place on most of the 2017 calendars. If the politician in charge of the neighborhood is in a good mood, he can even provide, with the calendar, sugar canes that will be used a couple of days after, around the 5th of January, for the famous festival of Pongal, very important in South India.
Of course, good wishes are written wholesale on the calendar. By mixing a happy new year and a happy Pongal, this calendar already shows that Indian have no problem at all to mix different religions in their daily life.

day tamil calendar

Small calendar... Big information

If we look closer, we can notice that the small daily calendar contains an enormous amount of information written in Tamil. The day, the month and the year are present in numbers, but also in Tamil writings.
Under the dash between the day and the month, we notice an arrow, sometimes downwards, sometimes upwards, or even horizontally... So, at first glance, we can know if the day will be a "good" day (up), a "bad" day (down) or a day where everything can happen (horizontal). These arrows represent the quality of the day, essentially for people working in agriculture, but everyone can rely on it...

In the middle of the numbers, we can see a little picture of an icon, a god, corresponding to the Pooja of the day, this god, on that day, must be venerated more than another.
Under the figures, a small Tamil phrase accompanied by a question mark takes place. This is general knowledge question, with the answer. Many Indian women stay at home all day, the idea is that they can continue to boost their general knowledge thanks to the calendar!

Open to every religion

muslim and christian holidays

Other information can be found in the middle of the paper. A first square corresponds to the day from the Tamil calendar, as, indeed, their year does not start on the same day as in the Christian calendar. In the same way, the second box corresponds to the day of the Muslim calendar. As a result, this small poster represents by itself the respect and opening that Indian have for all religions in their daily life; on the same image, different calendars are mixed. On the calendar’s back are the national celebrations days (anniversary of Gandhi, independence day), but also the festival and off days of Hindu, Christian and Muslim people, which proves even more the opening and welcoming to any religion.
Below, a long text explains the particular Tamil religious events of the day, whether it is a special celebration in a temple, a meeting in some other place...

back of 2017 calendar

A little bit of astrology, astronomy and superstition

On the side, the twelve astrological signs are followed by a word summarizing the day that the corresponding sign will have, for example; Pisces: Good day, Virgo: arguments...
The last sentence of the calendar gives the time of sunrise, and how long it will remain in the sky, on that day. Of course, a small white or black moon indicates the periods of full moon, and a black star announces a festival.
Finally, and most intriguing, there are small texts which represent the good and bad... hours of the day! By following these hours, all actions, more or less important, will have to be in the good period. For example, if you want to get married, to buy a house, or also if you are going to get a surgery or even a haircut, you have to check before if you are in the good hours or not! If an exam is happening into the bad times, you will have to do your best to arrive before!
So, get one of those great calendars as quickly as you can, so you can know at what time you can book your next plane, or if it is a good day to buy a new dress!




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