An illustrated guide of the Goubert Market: map and explanations

You might have difficulties to find somebody in Pondicherry who knows the Goubert Market by heart. The sellers might be those who know it the best and who could make you discover every part of it! Even Tamil people who do their everyday shopping there do not go to all the sections of the market (flowers, vegetables, spices, fruits, beauty products or even clothing).

You will find the Goubert Market (also called “Grand Bazaar”) at the intersection from Nehru Street and M.G.Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road). The main entrance can be recognized by a blue panel indicating in white letters “Goubert Market” however you can enter the market by many entrances on the four sides of it.

Many Pondicherians would just advise you to avoid the market on rainy days because the ground is slippery and smells are stronger. It is also better to avoid the middle of the day, especially during a hot period and on Sundays the market is crowded and it might be more difficult to walk in it if you’re not used to it.

Some parts of the market are easy to find and recognize but going always further will allow you to make new discoveries... To help you in your walk around the Goubert market we give you something you cannot really find in Pondicherry: a map!

Carte market

And to help you find what you are looking for in the market, we give you some indications and symbols about different sections. However do not be surprise to find vegetables in the middle of the fruit sections or a spice seller among flowers ... organization of sections always stays a little free in India!

List of the map's symbols :


Raw flowers stalls and flower garlands for temps, wedding or any kind of benediction (Pooja)



Flower garlands for women’s hair



Chicken (We warn delicate noses and strong sensibility, some prefer to avoid this part even if it shows an important part of Indian life)






Fruits (mangos, coconut, watermelon and many others you might not know... just try them!)



Beauty care (jewels, bindis, bangles, curcuma powder and other women’s essential products)



Home material



Spices, dhal (different types of lentils) and pasta stalls


IMG 20170204 154445

Fish market (for sensitive ones, avoid it at the end of the day. But if you wish to see true Indian life just admire how women sell their fish all day long)



Clothes, shawls and tissues (the perfect place to find little souvenirs)



We wish you a nice discovery of our wonderful Goubert Market!

And don't hesitate to discover our tips to enjoy the maximum of Pondicherry !

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