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Kajal in Hindi or kan mai in Tamil is an eye darkener cosmetic as well as a medicinal eye moisturizer. 

We apply it, in the inner eyelids to enhance the look, giving intensity to the eyes. Moreover, it cools the eyes and make it water in order to remove dust and impurities in the eyes. Some says that it improves also the eyesight while massaging the eyeballs and thus, improving the blood circulation. 
This is as well applied as a round dot on the chin of babies, for the black dot is considered to ward off evil.


Kajal, Indian make-up

To make kajal at home (you can either buy kajal which are as efficient), you would need sesame oil or ghee, a silver oil lamp with a long cotton wick, a clean silver or copper plate.

Soak the wick into the oil/ghee. Then put some oil/ghee into the lamp as well as the wick and lit the lamp. With some stands, place the plate just above the lamp in order to make the flame touch it. Let the lamp burn.

Finally, black soot would attach on the plate. Mix it with a small quantity of fresh oil/ghee to make the kajal.

Put it in the fridge for a couple of hours, then it is ready to use.
Fist application may be quite burning so apply a small quantity first.

By the way, you can either buy simply kajal which are as efficient and more convenient for you to get these beautiful look.

Oh, just one more thing, if your kajal doesn’t last into your eyes, clean and dry well your eyes before the application end then apply a little bit of compact. You can also apply a good amount of kajal before your shower, and then the kajal which remains after the shower would definitely stays all along the night!

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