Here is the next episode of our exhibitions' reviews. This time we decided to highlight watercolor artworks from different artists.

Watercolor is a pictorial technique very famous in Pondicherry. Many masters in this kind of art live in town. The style illustrates perfectly street scenes as well as Pondicherry ambiance.
Watercolor expresses brilliantly feelings of the characters painted.

We had the honor to present artworks of two watercolor artists at Sita. We welcomed Rajkumar and Rajasegar.

Realistic look with watercolorFrom 30th November to 13th December, we could admire Rajkumar artworks.
For Rajkumar Sthabathy, this is no longer his first exhibition, and he begins to acquire a reputation in town.
Expressing himself only through watercolor, he considers it like his own language.
He successes through his artwork to give life and importance to usual Indian life.

For example he illustrates the street, representing it as he sees it.

He gives us a poignant testimony of the Indian reality. Many of you came to admire and discover his extraordinary portraits
and have been impressed by the realistic look of the old women.

Then to continue in the same thematic, we have presented Rajasegar works from 14th of 27th of December.
The artist ties a particular attention to portrait. He paints child faces in a remarkable way.

The chiaroobscuro of RajasegarRajasegar works on acrylic paint approching the topic of ''chiarobscuro''

With a particular sensitivity he presented a series of touching faces challenging our sensibility.

He has also exposed his water color artworks presenting sadhus, holy men who one day crossed his way at the last Khumba mela.

Enjoying this occasion, we organize two watercolor workshops led by the artist.
The first workshop was about portrait, and the seconds about landscape.
Some of you have enjoyed the advice of the artist as well as his expertise in the field of watercolor.

At Sita this technique has captivated us and we extend this experience with Sentil Kumar watercolor exhibition from 25th January to 7th of February.

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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