From CULTURAMA to BUSIHUNT and INDULGE, Fleur SOUMER, SITA's co-founder gets herself talk about... and SITA does too!

Interviewed about the reasons that made her settle in Pondicherry, Fleur accurately details what makes SITA what it is: the mix of French and Indian cultures, arts, and more precisely, dance!

Or shall we say dances, as that seems to be the subject, journalists focused on until 2013. French ballet in Pondicherry? Yes, you will find classes in SITA! But not only French ballet: Salsa, BharataNatyam, Hip Hop or Bollywood? Make your choice...

Journalists, for their part, were surely caught by our teacher and founder's years of training that make, slowly but surely, SITA's reputation day after day...

Article from BUSIHUNT - January 2013Article from BUSIHUNT, January 2013.

Fleur interviewed about her dancing passion, her working life and the reasons she settled in Pondicherry.





Article INDULGE from New Indian Express INDULGE from the New Indian Express, March 2013.

Interview about the multi-dancing show, Essence, which was organized by Fleur.




Article from CULTURAMAArticle from CULTURAMA, December 2013.

Fleur is interviewed about her settling in Pondicherry, what she likes here and her advices about what to visit here and in France.








Article from The Hindu, November 2013Article from The Hindu, November 2013.

Interview of Fleur about the Ballet classes she gives at SITA and about her passions.








Article from BUSIHUNT, ArtsyTalk, December 2012Insert ArtsyTalk in BUSIHUNT's magazine, December 2012.

Interview of Fleur about her settlement in Pondicherry and the things she likes in the city.





articleessenceshow Article from DINA MALAR, March 2013.

Fleur welcomes the Pondicherry " Fine Arts Collective Artists" President, Malathy Rajavelu, for the Essence show, which celebrated women through dances.








 Since March 2014 Sita has started a partnership with My Vintage Bicyclette in order to start the Pondy Cycle Tour! A nice ride shaped as a guided tour in the morning coolness of Pondicherry's streets: a concept starting to be popular!

Article from The Hindu, November 2014




Fleur and Fiona (My Vintage Bicyclette) interviewed about the success and the place of Pondy Cycle Tour in the field of Pondicherry Tourism. 







Article from Outlook Travellers, November 2014

The Pondy Cycle Tour, product of the association of Sita with My Vintage Bicyclette, is under the spolights in the Outlook Travellers.


Article published in the French magazine BE, in November 2014

Another nice testimony of Fleur, Sita co-founder, about her Pondicherian adventure and her favorite spots accross the city.



Yet Pondy Cycle Tour is not the only novelty in Sita's program! Come and join a few guitar classes or test your agility during a flamenco workshop! And of course, come and enjoy Indian and French wonders thanks to our Tamil and French class, Indian and French cooking class, but also watercolor paintings and enamel workshops! Discover our classes program.

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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