On Friday the 7th of March, from 1.30pm to 4.30pm, our chefs of tomorrow were able to test their culinary talents.

On program, a same main dish for everyone to check on originality, 3 mystery boxes to encourage creativity and 2 “solo” challenges.Our little cooks were 5 on this afternoon!

Common dish: home-made hamburger

Préparation du pain à hamburger The first step was the realisation of hamburger bread. Each of the kids had the same recipe and
Hamburger préparé the same ingredients, knowing that their bread should be good enough for them to realise a whole hamburger.

They had no choice but to follow exactly the steps of the recipe written by the n°1 juror! To cook their hamburger, the mini top chefs had a whole range of ingredients, to which they just had to add a slice of imaginationMustard, ketchup, soya sauce, mayonnaise, mile, yoghurt, tomato sauce, peanut butter, salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins, coriander, onions, mushrooms, garlic, salt, pepper, carrot, paprika, nutmeg, pineapple, mozzarella, gruyere and goat cheese…

But all is a question of creativity and dosage for these future cooks!

Mystery box

Les arbustes printaniers In teams of 2 (and on solo-team), the young participants had 1 mystery box for each team, with ingredients but without recipe!

The first box, for one entry, included yoghurt, herbs, salt, pepper, tomatoes, eggs, cucumber, tuna and salad. Result on the picture! The artists named their work "Spring Shrubs" !

The second and third boxes were supposed to end up in desserts, including the following ingredients:

  • Flour, eggs, sugar, milk, butter, chocolate, vanilla, almonds and salt
  • Flour, eggs, milk, sugar, butter, vanilla, salt, banana, chocolate chips

gateau de crêpes deuxième dessert

No need to tell you how much the jury feasted on the dishes!

Recognition tests

premier défi : enfiler des pâtes

While they were cooking, our future chefs had to deal with 2 tests.

Which ones? The first was an ability one: put on spaghetti the more penne possible, without breaking the spaghetti!

Blind taste testThe second one was a blind taste test: 10 ingredients to recognize and some of them were quite at the taste of our challengers!

On the card of this blind taste test: mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, soya sauce, fish sauce, sesame butter, yoghurt, jam, honey and Nutella.

But our young cooks weren’t only testes over their way of cooking and handling the difficulties… Calm, concentration and efficiency were other criteria likely to add points… or to take them back!

The kid who had the maximum of points won a great springform pan!
But no one loses at SITA; the 4 other ones left with ice-cream cubes, which will be really convenient with the hot weather coming to Pondicherry!

Anyway, this afternoon was tasteful and full of experience for our young future chefs and for the jury too!

Consult the hours of KIDS COOKING CLASS on our program page.

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