Like many companies or associations, in SITA one day in the year is given for public to discover, try and enjoy the quality of our activities and classes.
We decided to open our doors to you on Saturday 19th of July!
Happiness, colors and enjoyment for all ages! But let’s have a look at SITA’s family

portraits of our professors Enter and you’re welcomed by Lakshmi and Uma, who offer you the opportunity to answer a quiz to, maybe, win one of our three prizes: a cooking class or a massage; a kit from our boutique; a physical activity class for the third winner.

Come inside and have a look at the pictures… Here are our teachers, presented in portrait and giving their class. You know who is going to teach you!

A few steps on your left, Fleur, one of the owners of SITA, is presenting all the non-physical activities you can register to. Behind her explanations, you may hear some voices shouting…Don’t worry! People are just playing Othello and Carrom Board. Games to place in site
You will definitely be attracted by some good smells and will head to the kitchen… but wait a moment! Take a few minutes to watch the pictures displayed on the computer, you may recognize yourself in some of them if you attended some of our events!
But no more watching, now you feel very attracted by these wonderful smells…

Then you discover Manisha, our cooking teacher, with some Jhal Puri ready for you! Mix the ingredients as you wish: onions, peas, potatoes, parsley etc.
Take some more steps… you will be welcomed in a garden full of wonderful flavours: snacks are waiting for you!
indian cooking snacksChicken or chocolate momos, chocolate cakes, muffins stuffed with olives, kesari and samossas, everyone could find their preferences!

Go back on your steps and head towards the terrace… First person you will see is Martine, the second owner of SITA, who gives you the opportunity to suscribe to our physical activities offered in our center. Yoga, Bollywood, Tango, Ballet, Barata Natyam or Pilates, you can choose whatever you prefer!

On your right side, discover our new project, Eco-SITA. French and English leaflets will tell you how we conceived the project and what we did get our center into an ecological development. On the same table, check out our plants and a few realizations made by the kids who attended our Summer Camp on May. Kolam in self-service

Now turn… and enjoy the colorful kolam powders; you can use them as you wish and let your creative spirit talk! Our teacher is also here to help you to drax beautiful kolams. Under the pandal, you could have a Mehendi tattoo done for free… and believe it, many people enjoyed it!

Under the air of fans, have a look at the videos filmed during SITA’s events. No need to say that this afternoon was a real success for everybody! Enjoyment, laughs and colors… thank you all!

Enjoy your free time to join us and book for one or several of our activities!

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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