Kids dances

The show started with a great performance of Bharata Natyam. Our little girls danced on the classical Indian song “Ra Ra Venu Gopabala”, dressed like professional dancers, with their long braid and their golden jewels. The kids came three hours earlier to dress up, and they were so excited to be on the stage for some of them the first time.

Then, we enjoyed some ballet performances. Three groups presented their choreographies. Our little rats were impressive! They didn’t show their anxiety and were smiling. Fleur, the Ballet teacher, made them dance on the classical ballet “The Nutcracker” of Tchaikovsky and a modern version of “Over the rainbow”.

Anandi made a great job: she prepared kids in a record time of two months. First, two novice girls, Maïa and Tahina presented us a Hindu tale “Krishna and the snake” in a lovely performance of Bharata Natyam. Then, her four students of Bollywood shown their talent on two classical Bollywood songs: “Kangana re” and “Dhomtana.”

Then, our Hip-Hop kids gave their best on the stage to offer a terrific show on a medley of the 90’s songs!


Moreover, we had the chance to present you two guitar songs, interpreted by two very beginners, Andrea and Tharani. It was their very first public performance. We heard “Aïcha” of Khaleb and “I’m yours” of Jason Mraz.

Little rats showing their talents during Sita's showElie and his student playing at Indianostrum theatre. Show 2015 Sita's kids making their barata natyam show








Teachers dances

Anandi and her student dancing bollywood

Then, came some professional performances. First, Anandi and Marie-Céline showed us a great Bollywood dance. Smiling and well-synced, they danced on « O Repiya. »

Then Logesh, our old Hip-Hop teacher, and one of this friends realized an amazing performance of B-Boying! More classical, our today Hip-Hop teacher Anand and two friends demonstrated us their creativity and talent.

During a few minutes, we travelled to Argentina thanks to Anne and Raj, our charming tango teacher, in a sensual show.

Between two dances, Anandi dressed up in the backstage, for a magnificent Bharata Natyam choreography. Graceful and aerial in her red saree, she offered us a delicate dance of the traditional « Nataraj Kautuvam ».

We closed the show with a concert of « Magnetic Fields » who interpreted some covers as « Knocking on Heaven’s door » while Sita team distributed some pieces of cake made during kids cooking class. We savoured a nice rainbow cake, some pancakes, a chocolate brownie, a cheese cake and a delicious fruit crumble.

Thank you for your presence and your goodwill, despite of the heat and the lack of space. You were so numerous and we didn’t expect that. Obviously, be sure that next year we’ll do our best to make that experience better and better. A special thanks to Indianostrum, which offers us its place and helps us a lot. Some parents tried their hand in the backstage, helping the kids to dress up, make up and dress their hair. Thank you very much for this precious aid. Thank you everyone who took part of this great project.

Sita is still open, don’t hesitate to come and take information. Have nice holidays!

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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