H2O singer groupBaratanatyam dance groupPondicherry's heritage was celebrated through music and dance performances almost each night. Pondicherians enjoyed attending concerts such as Domus Dei's concert, a singing group from the Lady of Angels’ church or as H2O, Rock 'N' Roll band from Pondicherry. They appreciated as well dance shows like the Bharata Natyam performance of Gayathri and Bakthan.


Ballet danceBallet dance2Sita was invited to take the stage and to show a little bit of French cultural heritage.The representation took place the 25th february 2017 on Goubert avenue. All our ballet dance students danced with pleasure and they really enlightened the stage!

This representation gives a foretaste of the Sita's end of year show. The event will take place the 8th of april 2017. This event will display all the efforts made by teachers and students and certainly the passion, the serious and the dynamism of Sita cultural center. 

Moreover, for this special occasion, organizers offered walks and guided visits as well. As for example, the 26th February 2017, there was a visit of Bahour, an ancient village of Pondicherry. During the festival, there were open houses: The French institute, Cluny Embroidery Centre, Barathiar Museum and Ashram Library were open and many others also.

Several experts, geographers, scientists, did conferences about how historic heritage and patrimony can change Pondicherry's development.

Ashram libraryA market « Made in Pondy » was created at the Crafts Bazaar. This craft market showcases all the expertise of pondicherrians craftsmen. It honors the talent and skills of the local craftsmanship. This increases also the economy of the city.We can find a lot of different handicrafts as for example: ceramic products, handbags, belts, clothes, jewels, mode accessories... but also an exposition of Ejoumale's paintings. You can find his watercolor calendar in Sita's boutique, Sitadakai.

To end this event, an interactive map was created, « Pondy Heritage Map ». This map is quite originals as everybody can identify places of Pondicherry that are important to them. The aim of this project is to share all knowledge of everyone about Pondicherry's historic heritage. It's a way of drawing attention to the need of patrimony conservation. We invite you to participate to it!

In conclusion, this festival allows people to share and to celebrate the historic heritage of the city and to show to the future generations the importance of traditions and patrimony.

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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