Memories of a warmly celebrated 8th anniversary!

On Saturday, February 22th we celebrated the 8th anniversary of SITA with the presence of many guests who wanted to share this great day with us! This year, our theme was Back to the roots, an opportunity for us to make you discover the arts and traditions which exist in the South of India. From 9:30 am, SITA anniversary started with different workshops to enjoy the good vibes of our cultural centre!

vennai puttuA birthday without a cake ... it's not a birthday! - Our visitors started the day with the preparation of Vennai puttu, a delicious Indian cake that is steam cooked. Once the recipe finished, the best moment arrived and everyone shared a small part of this sweet cake in the garden of SITA!

 SITA’s birthday was… expressing creativitywater kolam

At the same time as the cooking class, people with a more artistic soul discovered a typically traditional art from South India with water kolam. These beautiful colorful drawings are made every morning and evening in front of the houses and can also be transported if you create a design in a container and pour water to protect the drawing.

AYURVEDA COSMETICSLearn new products to take care of yourself - Still in the morning, people who wanted to learn how to make their own Ayurvedic cosmetics were able to do it and left the centre with their 100% homemade natural products. Together, they discovered some of the Ayurvedic medicine’s secrets. Now they can use them and recreate them whenever they want.


SILAMBAMMake physical exercises with friends during a martial art class - Finally, people wishing to spend their energy participated in a silambam class. This martial art is originated from South India and people usually start to learn it from childhood and practiced it throughout life. The class started by a performance offered by children who practice this art regularly in Puducherry.


After a lunch break for all our participants and SITA’s team, the activities started again and continued until the evening.

The opportunity to listen the traditions of South Indiabharatanatyam - Many people have already seen a Barata Natyam performance, but not many people are familiar with the story of this traditional Tamil Nadu dance. For its 8th anniversary, SITA wanted to help its guests understand the coded world of this classical dance by giving some explanations on its history, its costumes and the meaning of its movements… the workshop ended with practice.

Spend time with your familymadhubani - In another room of SITA’s centre, families spent the afternoon making Madhubani drawings, an Indian art characterized by geometric designs. In this workshop, everyone was able to use their imagination and creativity. A great moment for families appreciated by children and adults alike.


More activities - kollywoodFor our most motivated guests, SITA’s birthday ended with a Kollywood class which you can discover in the choreographies of Tamil films. Once again, good vibes and happiness were there.. Thanks to everyone who participated in our 8th anniversary! It was a pleasure to celebrate this event with you… and for those who could not visit us ... no problem, we are waiting for you next year!


Do not hesitate to send us your ideas for next year so that we can offer you an unforgettable day

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Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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