Anita, our teacher of Kolam

Learn how to draw beautiful Kolams and then reproduce them at home!

Her experience

Anita is drawing a Kolam with pattern of dots by using white rice powderAt 6, Anita drew her first Kolam with the wise and caring advises of her mother. Since this day, as soon as she came home from school, she trained herself to do Kolam. Her taste for Kolam and skills came from her mother. Every morning, Anita observed her quietly from the balcony, in awe of the hand gestures and curious to discover the draw of the day.

While keeping a taste for doing Kolam, Anita passed a Bachelor degree in English literature then a Master in Human Resources. Also, she started to work in a university library. When her daughter was born, she decided to resign to bring up her.

Through Hema, our Mehendi and Art Craft teacher, Anita integrated Sita as Kolam teacher in 2013.

As well as colours and infinite patterns, Anita loves the patience and concentration that a beautiful Kolam requires; her favourite: the circle Kolam, the most difficult which needs many calculations.
She finds that Kolam is an extraordinary art. It is an excellent way to forget problems, show creativity and reveal the state of mind of a person. Indeed, we can learn about someone just by looking her/his Kolam!

Her class

The class lasts 1.5hour and takes place under the Pandal, our rooftop hut.
Kolam class is on demand and open to all age and level.
If you are a beginner, Anita will explain you how to use the rice powder and colour powders to make a nice Kolam.
If you are an intermediate, you will practice more difficult patterns and discover other ways of drawing Kolam.

Ageela, our creator of Jimikki earrings made with quilling paper

Learn how to create your own Jimikki earrings made with quilling paper thanks to our class on demand!

Her experience

Ageela is making jimikki earrings with quilling paper and in front of her, her creations.In the same school as our receptionist, Lakshmi – Pondy is a village – Ageela found her way in studying business. After few years, having a Master in Commerce, she began to teach at the University of Pondicherry.

Around 2012, she started having a passion for quilling paper which offers many uses. The Quilling is a form of art using paper strips which are rolled up, put into a form, then stuck together to create decorative objects.
Her knowledge about Quilling comes down to her teacher, a neighbour. She taught Ageela how to make Jimikki earrings made with this method. Jimikki is a traditional Indian style of earrings which is characterized by a golden dome. Nowadays, Indian women modernise and restyle Jimikki earrings by using quilling paper.

Ageela again starts to teach but as an art master and not anymore as a business teacher. She taught her relatives first about Jimikki style and since 2014, at SITA for all the art lovers.
What she loves in this kind of creative art is the multitude of form and colours combination available. There is no limit! The only one is your creativity!

Her class

Ageela is a young woman full of resources. She gives clear and precise answers to your questions.
Quilling paper will not have any secret for you after a workshop.
This class is open to all. It just needs a little bit of creativity and patience.
The class is 2 hours long; it is the necessary time to create one pair of Jimikki earrings with the equipment which is provided.

Jimikki earrings made with quilling paper are an excellent gift from South India, from its culture and clothing traditions.

Soon, Ageela will animate flower garlands workshops, stay tuned.

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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