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From a spiritual education and curiosity to a passion for yoga

Born in Trichur (Trissur), cultural capital of the state of Kerala, Gireesh grew up in a traditional family influenced by spirituality. That’s why at the age of 9 he started reading a lot and above all about spirituality, for example books about Swami Vivekananda, great Indian yogi. But he was always interested in all kind of readings such as literature, philosophy or sport, so he used to read the newspaper every day to understand the world around him.
At 12 years old, he got more interested in yoga and in the books he learnt asanas and started to practice it on his own. He was doing 3 hours of yoga in the morning and 3 hours at night to try to understand this discipline. This is when he decided to become a yogi.
In his home town, he took 3 years of yoga class and 8 years of kalaripayatt with Yoga Siromani Sree Suvrathan Gurukkal. And when he turned 20, he got his yoga teacher diploma. He then became the assistant of his former teacher for a year and a half.
After, he worked in a naturopathic centre and started to study ayurvedic therapy with Sudhakaran Gurukkal. Gireesh already knew this natural medicine from his mother who had lots of traditional knowledge about this topic even though.asana2 gireesh
Always caring about physical and mental well-being, he also learnt Reiki, a healing medicine from Japan.

10 years ago, after reading a lot about Sree Aurobindo, Gireesh wanted to see the Ashram and that’s why he moved to Pondicherry. He started to work freelance in Auroville in yoga and Ayurvedic therapy. Then 4 years ago, he joined Sita’s team as yoga and kalaripayatt teacher along with his brother who is a massage therapist and our second yoga teacher.

Driven by his passion for these spiritual disciplines, Gireesh thinks that yoga change people’s mentality. He would like to democratise this activity so that everyone can have access to it and its benefits.

“Yoga is used for evolution and revolution.”

Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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