A women full of talents : Researcher in laboratory, mother and pastry blogger

poojaPooja Pratheesh grew up in New Delhi with her family. She holds a doctorate degree in Biochemistry from the India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi. Then, she settled in Pondicherry in 2012. Mother of a little girl, full time researcher in laboratory, Pooja finds the time to realize some amazing pastries and to share it with us !

She has a passion for pastry since early childhood. Pooja learned alone how to make her own baking. Like a real self-taught, she has certainly demonstrated her determination to try again and again many recipes in order to reproduce them as perfectly as possible; a challenge which allows her to bake now a wide range of pastries such as chocolate cake, Yule log or sophisticated wedding cake. Regularly, Pooja defies the complexity of certain recipes coming from all around the world (ex: Brazilian Cake, European Cake etc...)

baking workshopcakebirthdaycakeAt Sita, she proposes more accessible recipes. She wants her students to progress step by step and so opens her classroom for both beginners and experienced. She offers one workshop per month. She first demonstrates before all participants realize the recipe. In this way, they discover and learn on their own by cooking with confidence while being accompanied by their teacher. Pooja gives priority to the taste and the way of making pastry more than the result and the cake's final beauty. The goal is to learn and cook with curiosity and passion.

Everybody knows it, home-made baking are the best!
Indeed, the motto of our teacher is: simplicity, sharing, love of good food and perseverance!

Pooja becomes now a real professional baker. She shares her knowledge and her skills trough her blog « The Cake Craft Studio » created in 2015. All these kinds of recipes are all original and appetizing. We can find also in her blog a lot of tips on how to bake the perfect cake.

Hopes for the future...



Our baker would like to start a studio where she would teach baking and cake decoration to participants. With generosity and a desire to share, she would also like to teach women from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them become self reliant or get employed.

Blogger, mother, researcher on laboratory and self-taught baker, Pooja has more than one trick up her sleeve to enthral you and to tickle your taste buds !

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Important Announcement

As per state government the reopening of schools are planned in January 2021, and considering that in account SITA will open door to some classes for kids like Ballet, Arts & Kids Cooking with specific timings.

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